2018 Summer Solstice Greeting

2018 SUMMER SOLSTICE GREETING by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman ________________________________________________________________________ So there I was, searching my heart and spirit for the message for the Summer Solstice…. Sometimes, the beginning of it comes to me while I am in Nature, walking with my dog, Ebbie. At first, it always feels like there’s absolutely nothing I can [...]

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2018 Spring Equinox Message

2018 SPRING EQUINOX MESSAGE by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman ________________________________________________________________________ The great conundrum of our age is that the thing we share with all other beings – all other life, (and everything IS alive) – what makes us alive, is what makes us part of Source and each other. But if we don’t know that [...]

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2017 Winter Solstice Message

Dear Hearts,   This is a time for Giving, so I would like to give 3 gifts to you this Solstice.   The first is a prayer my Medicine Brother sent to me this morning and it felt perfect for a new start, and might resonate for you. It’s called the SET ASIDE prayer: (Grandfather is a.k.a. [...]

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2017 Autumn Equinox Message

2017 AUTUMN EQUINOX MESSAGE by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman HOW DO WE HANDLE PAIN WHEN WE’RE HURTING?________________________________________________________________________ For most, the natural tendency when we’re hurting is to curl up in a ball alone, to nurse our physical or emotional wounds. Even animals have the tendency to do this, though because they do not have resistance, [...]

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2017 Summer Solstice Message

2017 SUMMER SOLSTICE MESSAGE by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman Have you thought about how you fit into Nature, and all her artistic and engineering miracles? This has been an amazing week for Totem energy. On my morning walk with Ebbie, I was providentially gifted a hawk feather; on the afternoon walk, an owl feather. Friday, a doe [...]

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2017 Spring Equinox Greeting

Yes, Deer Hearts, Despite all the snow, and the erratically plunging temperatures as the Mother adjusts Herself, it will soon be Spring. Monday in fact, at 6:29 a.m.Eastern time. The photo above was taken by me last week at Smith College’s Plant House. Not only was there glorious color everywhere, but also the scents were divine. And today, [...]

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2016 Autumn Equinox Message

Deer Hearts, The Autumn Equinox is 10:21 a.m. EDT, September 22, 2016     THE OPEN HEART by Cie Simurro~ Thunderbird Starwoman     So, how does it work when we say - we each create our own reality? If we’re experiencing dynamics, situations, or communications that we’re not happy with and want to change, how do we [...]

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2016 Summer Solstice Greeting

Dear Ones,   Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communication. The other morning as I was walking my dog, Ebbie I thought to ask Gabriel to help with the Solstice message, (I never have any idea ahead of time, what’s going to be written) but even after all these years of receiving these messages and [...]

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2016 Winter Solstice Message

Precious Deer Hearts,   As always, before the Solstice and Equinox messages come, I can’t imagine that there’s anything to say. But my A-team always comes through, collaborating with me, which is a testament to you; for if the Medicine were not wanted, it would not be wasted in a message.   A few days [...]

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