DSCN0089Although shamans go through individual experiences in solitude while seeking inspiration, the wilderness is brought back to the people in the form of ceremonies.
Joan Halifax, SHAMAN, The Wounded Healer

Ceremonies have the power to change one’s life for the better; help us through times when we feel we are at a crossroads; when we are seeking healing; when we want to release a character trait, a person, or life situation; celebrate critical life passages, like a girl’s first moontime or a wedding; ask for blessings in a new endeavor or to celebrate our blessings with a Thanksgiving ceremony. Sometimes a spirit name for you will come through me, and then a Naming ceremony is in order. Intent imbues the ceremony with the power of creation. I go to the metaphysical frontier, contacting the Ancient Ones, who open the pathways to healing and power. A dynamic, evolving form is created.

I will guide you in focusing and articulating your intent during the ceremony, and pray with you and for you for your heart’s desire. Witnessed by the Spirit world and those we have asked to join us, we send a voice in powerful, protected sacred space.

Recapitulation of ancient wisdom in the ceremony, as well as acts  designed to bring on direct experience, are shared with the seeker. The Ancient Ones open the pathways, so that the seeker is assisted in realizing his or her soul’s deepest longings. Intent imbues the ceremony with the power of creation. A dynamic, evolving form is created.

Picture 1Ceremony makes a difference, both for those attending and for the greater community. Ceremony always promotes right relationship with, and healing for, the Earth and all with whom we share this garden world. Elders know this. That’s why traditional elders felt they were keeping the entire earth in balance with year-round ceremonies. How? Because energy is a real, quantifiable thing, and a component of every second of every day. Energy produces vibration. All things vibrate within certain bands of hertz, with a slightly different frequency for each individual within the band. The frequency produces mass or matter. Real change only comes from a shift in consciousness. Change the vibration or raise it, and you change the mass or manifestation of that consciousness. Touch a heart and a person’s true nature comes forward to act with LOVE, the most dynamic energy in the Universe. These are things that often occur as a result of doing ceremony.