I am honored and excited to have had two of the poems in the series I am currently working on about Love included in the Forbes Library Exhibit: IN THIS TOGETHER: A Virtual Exhibit on Planetary and Human Health. All the works chosen express how the past year and a half have impacted each of us, the environment, and our priorities. There is much to delight, think about, and carry forward.

There are 41 visual artists and writers. 91 pieces have been chosen — and folks, they are amazing.

The names of the artists are listed in the beginning, so if you want to read or see a particular artist first (mine ha ha) you can click on the Search magnifying glass on the upper right, type in Cie Simurro, and one of the works will pop up. The two poems that have been chosen are: LIVE LIKE A DOG which is up first, and then CHANGE. There are buttons for previous and next, so you can locate them easily.


To access the exhibit, click this link:  link to the exhibit.