Hello again dear ones,

This is a link to my part of the Forbes Library closing reception: In This Together: An Art and Poetry Exhibit on Human and Planetary Health, from the evening of August 31st, 2021

Change is the first poem. After reading the second poem, Live Like A Dog, don’t miss the ending, where I turn the camera onto my dog, Ebbie.  Although she blended pretty much into the background colors, she was napping on the sofa next to me. Yes, you can pretty much figure out who rules the roost here!

The complete video recording of the online reception is now posted on Utube at https://youtu.be/D-4jgoC23FY

One note — I didn’t realize at the time that I popped a lozenge into my mouth to clear my throat for speaking, that it would be so obvious on camera, so if you want a laugh be sure to check it out.