Hello again dear ones,

I think it’s pretty fun that Saturday Night Alive has created the above flyer featuring me! Of course, they’ve sent one to every person who is presenting, with their picture on it as well. 😻

Many of you have asked for the link to the show Saturday night. So, here it is:Saturday Night ALIVE sign up link: https://utm.guru/udto1

I will be speaking from 9:30 to 9:40 Eastern time, which is 6:30 to 6:40 Pacific time. Don’t forget to stick around for Kristin’s performance. If you can stay awake, there should be a lot of audience interaction at the end of the show. Might be fun to stick around. The whole show is 2 hours long.

If you are new to Saturday Night Alive, when you register, use the promo code:  GLOBALPEACE

Now, remember, registering for the season doesn’t obligate you to anything. It’s just their way of getting people familiar with what they’re doing. Of course, if you can donate, they are doing good work for the planet; but if you can’t, type in $0. Actually, every show chooses topics that feel rather essential in these times. If you register, REPLAYS will be sent on Mondays after each show.

Here’s a Promo Trailer Video Link to introduce the show’s premise and purpose:


Hope to see ya’ll there,