This is beautiful and are such an amazing writer, it comes through no matter what the context.

This is astounding and sobering and clearly you are called to message it!
I honor your deep love and sensitivity to the Mother, and know the bees kinship with you is sacred. In sacred trust you were given the impulse from them to communicate to others. Thank Goddess you choose to listen. I loved how they confirmed you at the end with their visit and direction and gentle love. I feel very privileged to know someone as tuned into the great Mother as you are, you are a rare jewel in this time and space.

Sher W.

As you know, it was your beautiful, delightful, and excellent writing that brought me to you, and I am so happy that your teaching will be reaching a wider audience through this publication. Your totem articles are always inspiring to me and I get great pleasure from reading and sharing them - I am drawn to them again and again. With love and best wishes to you and Thunder

Sarah N.

I love your beautiful messages. Thank you so much for your heartfelt and authentic expressions. Each day and with each of your words, my heart opens more to its depth of purpose and possibility.

Tina S.

Finally had time to read your column in Wisdom about prairie dog. I LOVED it! What a great combination of information - history, natural history, biology, zoology, and loving guidance. Thank you!!


Your article on mosquitoes really changed my relationship with the insect world and especially with mosquitoes. Thank you.

Mary T.

Thank you Cie ~ your ability to mediate for us all is exquisite! May the Whispers you receive be a Song upon all the Ears of Creation!

Seth G

Thank you for the message. I greatly appreciate your work for the Earth and all its creatures.

Barbara Z.
Washington, DC

Thank you so much all I can say is WOW great reading.


This is a great example of hard work and dedication to one’s craft. I am a firm believer that “writing”, whatever the form, is a craft. Everyone is given the tools to write. Some of us find the desire to sharpen them and hone them sharp to create – much like a painting or a sculpture. I, for one, found this very well done and moving. My personal congratulations to all of those who “guided and sharpened” Cie’s work, but most of all to Cie, herself – well done! Please continue to create and share your work to others – it is an inspiration

James S.

I am grateful I met Cie Simurro, a.k.a., Thunderbird Starwoman, over 12 years ago, she introduced me to my first shaman journey, first sweat lodge, first moon lodge, first Stewards of the Earth class and first medicine wheel.
Cie opened my eyes to become aware of our mother earth and how she gives us EVERYTHING!
I have a deeper level of awareness of the animal & mineral kingdoms and how they are here to help guide us on our earth path.
Thunderbird Starwoman is an incredible healer, teacher and writer. What Cie taught me changed my life forever...

Bonnie D.

Please know and believe that your steadfast example is an inspiration, a message, and a prayer in my life at all times. You are an angel on earth to me, and so many others.
I look forward to your words and wisdom in the future. The environmental message and suggestions have decreased my sense of helplessness. The personal suggestions of staying focused, even if feeling so alone are just what I was longing for. The effect of all this has produced a longing for wisdom I could comprehend and your articulation and deep devotion to your work has eased me enormously. Blessings always and much love,

Bon W.

Thank you for your Lion's heart - thank you for always reminding us to look towards the light and embrace all the gifts before us.
I am always educated, comforted, & inspired by all of your insightful & wonderful totem articles/writings. Thank you for sharing them with the world!! WE NEED IT!! Love, Light, & Joy,

Michelle H.

Cie, you are just like God: Never there when I need you but always just on time. Thank you again.

Elizabeth C.

Cie's love for and healing of animals has opened my eyes to the beauty of nature and respect for all beings.

With Cie's teaching I have integrated my soul to feel a wholeness I have always desired.

A healing session with Cie is delightful and visionary. She guides one to give birth to the best within.

Ocean A.

Cie is an amazing healer. After two x-rays and a CT scan, the doctors confirmed a mass on my brother's intestines. When I called to ask Cie to send healing for my brother, the doctors rushed my brother in for immediate surgery. While in the waiting room, I spoke to Cie again and she advised that she was still working on him. I could not stop crying. The surgical doctor told me prior to my brother's surgery that he would operate, and that if the mass could be removed, they would remove it and sew the intestines back together. If they could not remove it, they would close him up and just make him as comfortable as possible. After the surgery the surgeon visited me in the waiting room and was astonished that he did not find any blockage at all. That is a miracle. The x-rays were done by two different hospitals and they both showed a dangerous blockage. My sincere thanks to Cie.


Cie is who I go to with any issue related to animals. She has helped me so much with my pets. She knew that my wolf-dog Lance was still alive when he was injured and ran away into the woods, even though I had not found him for 5 days. We were re-united and had many more years together, thanks to her encouragement when I was ready to give up. She helped me rescue and get rehabilitated, an adolescent skunk who was hit by a car. My Medicine dog Ally loved her as much as me, which I was jealous of sometimes! Thank you Cie for your many years of dedicated animal Medicine and service to all.

Shutesbury MA