June 21st
10:57 a.m. ET


Have you been having a hard time with all the suffering, pain, grief, greed, violence, and fighting in the world? This Solstice message is offering an alternative to getting stuck in those things, and a way to help heal them. But first, a little background:

As the Light on Earth shines brightest at this time of year, let us explore the Light in ourselves and our lives. If we look around ourselves and all we see is pain, suffering, strife, and chaos, how will we deal with that in an effective way? The heart of the answer is – those things are what needs our Love. Let us embrace that. Healing ourselves and all on our planet is our Number One purpose. Why else would we have volunteered to be here now? We can never solve things by being part of that which caused these conditions in the first place. We must step into the Love that we are, and let it flow.

How? Well, struggling and over-the-top efforts are the ways we limit ourselves through separation. Fear limits our options. Let us turn toward letting the next perfect step occur to us in the center of the stillness within. Let us be present within ourselves to better understand why we were created, and the journey we are on to higher consciousness. Let’s get Real-Eyes’d! What we focus on becomes our reality. We have the power as creators to focus on abundance and well-being. If we’re focused on chaos, we become part of it. First, we must release the disharmony within ourselves. If we wish to create peace, love, and harmony, we have to let ourselves feel these things – first in our hearts, and then moving into our bodies; afterward, we must align completely with the peace and love we wish to manifest around us. We can subsequently send that harmony and love to anyone we wish peace for. Vibrationally, in resonance, they can then feel the impact of peace and well-being to the extent that they are open to it. In any case, the more we love, the more we can love.

No matter what age we are, we may hold dear many of the values of the 1970’s when bringing love, peace, and harmony to the planet that we hold dear, became something to actively work for, and give thanks for. As the native inhabitants of this country have always known, we are in a cooperative relationship with Nature and we should always take care of, and be thankful for the food, sustenance, beauty, and home that Mother Earth provides.

Are we willing to realize the purpose for which we decided to be here on this amazing planet at this time? Even if we have experienced tragedy and loss, that can turn that into the beginning of realizing our true purpose, because if we are willing to emphasize the positive aspects of our lives, then our consciousness moves energy into form. And for those of us who have lost someone close to us, we can help ourselves to move through grief by realizing that no one who has passed over is gone from us. That includes animals with whom we’ve shared life and love. Love that has been shared never dies. Many of you have come to me for healing while Thunder was alive, and he always participated in those healings. Even from the other side, people have often told me that he came to them to help. I know he often helps me out, and I can feel his vibrant spirit, still working; still healing.

We can be close to our loved ones who have moved into higher consciousness by focusing on the Love that was and still is between us. Ask yourself what is a happy memory that you shared? Let yourself be embraced by their love. Feel it, and ask them what they want you to know at this time. You may be surprised at how tangible their presence feels and how helpful their assistance may be in your life. I know I have been helped by guides and family members who have passed over, with everything from finding lost objects to recently winning a cash prize from a radio station contest. On my father’s death anniversary earlier this month, I had been feeling him around me all night, into the day. Midday, I received a call from a DJ letting me know that out of all the people who had entered the nationwide contest that day, I won! And it was all legit. Thanks Dad for watching over me.

So, let’s focus as much as possible on the Love we’ve come to be and to know – focus on creating what we want to do, to be, embodying beauty, and then we will expand more of that reality in our lives and on this planet we call home. Let us stop denying ourselves the love, joy, and beauty that is possible. We are worthy of it right now. We ARE good enough. We are here to embody self-acceptance. When we do that, everyone around us will reflect that acceptance back to us. Let us ask ourselves what will bring us joy, what will be fun, and make us feel creative? Something unexpected can come which will affect ourselves and those around us in a beautiful way. Being open allows higher wisdom and inspiration to sow the seeds of greatness.

Happy Summer Solstice.

In Kinship and Love,

Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman