The 2022 Spring Equinox is March 20th

at 11:33 a.m. EST

Deer Hearts,


This Spring is especially poignant with the physical, emotional and societal changes that we have all been going through for the last few years, and with world events that are breaking our hearts. Some of us may wonder if humans will ever learn that life on Earth really could be different if we would choose to be, and live, with Love as our Source, and our way of being – acting with Love toward ourselves, others, and all life on this beloved planet that gives us life, and is our home. When will we learn that fear, hatred, greed, and cruelty will never produce what we long for?

We are currently in the season of Lent which precedes Easter Sunday on April 17th. Easter is always on the first Sunday after the first full moon that follows the Spring Equinox. So, the Equinox and Easter are connected. Since Easter is only about a month away, the subject of Resurrection comes to mind. Of course, we know that Easter originated as the celebration of Jesus arising from the dead after his crucifixion, but the Resurrection is also significant for the renewal of life force that people, and all of nature may experience at this time of year.

There is hope. We cannot change others directly, but the more of us that choose to live by love, the more things will change. We don’t need everyone to do so to tip the scales. A quorum will do it. Even though we don’t know when a quorum will be reached, we each must do what we can in our own spheres of influence.

For encouragement, I have included below, my poem on Resurrection. I hope it uplifts, inspires and heartens you to do what you know to do in your own life to be love and give love.

In kinship 

Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman 



What does resurrection mean for you and me

in these times?

We used to think of God as above,

Then, as beside us,

And now, within, as Love


When we look at the chaos and cruelty

existing in the world,

As we think back on the history

of man’s inhumanity to everything and everyone

We wonder if our species will ever change.

Will we realize how different life could be

if we would just make all our decisions from Love,

If we would die to fear, the need to dominate,

cause suffering, get ahead of the next guy,

and our belief in scarcity and lack?


We might have our own three days and nights

before opening to a new life

Not today; not tomorrow; but on the third day

we shall have passed through the darkness

within ourselves and into the Light


Where we would realize that it is

what we believe in that comes true

because we have given power

to whatever life circumstances

we’ve created with our free will


Change is ultimately certain

if we stop begging for it to be done for us,

Turning instead to all that is divine within,

and accepting a partnership with angels

to guide us toward creating a miraculous life


This then, would feel like a Resurrection

of everything hopeful, happy, and helpful

We could initiate a rebirth

that would restore and reinvigorate all life.

We would set about creating Paradise on Earth.



©   Cie Simurro  4/4/2021