OPEN ARMS HEALING - Version 4The exquisite nature of Shamanic LightWork Healing™ is that it is a custom fit. Each healing is uniquely suited to the physical, attitudinal and spiritual needs of the individual. Activated by the intention and free will choice of the seeker, brought into manifestation by the skill of the healer, and her strong desire to be a channel of service and blessings, healing is a cooperative venture. The combined energy of the two is infused with a third. Source Energy, sometimes referred to as the Holy Spirit or Dynamic Breath is always present to provide solutions where there seemed to be none; balance instead of illness; synchronicity in the events of one’s life that appear to be miracles. Healing is always realignment with one’s imprint of perfection, shining ever brilliantly within.


red dressWhen a seeker comes to me for healing, and has stated his or her intent, I enter an altered state, also called a “Medicine” state. I align with the I AM, the Life Force of Creation, asking to be a pure channel to facilitate the seeker’s remembrance of her/his unlimited nature. Within the power and safety of sacred ceremony and ritual, I call in the 7 Sacred Directions, the Air, Fire, Water and Earth, Master Teachers, Angelic Forces, Guides, the Ancient Ones, our Power Animals and Allies. Harmony is restored with all our relations, within the community of Life. Every healing session is unique. In over 45 years of doing healing work, some ways of working have become prominent:

DSCN0295The following healing tools utilize the physics of Light and Sound to heal the Etheric Field and awaken the Buddha Nature, also known as Christ Consciousness. These radionic healings take place within a room-sized Pyramid. Energy is intensified by crystals added to the Pyramid, a Christ Consciousness grid on the pyramid capstone, and an Ascension pyramid on top of that.

Geometric, Metatronic, Architectonic tools like Etheric Weavers in various colors, work through resonance with your being, realigning you with your pattern of innate perfection.

Holding a Vajra aligns one with one’s heart center and Buddhaic mind. It is also a link between the Personality and the Soul.You lie upon the Metatron mat, containing 2 full-sized Vesica Pisces – a perfect Phi ratio – the divine proportion in relation to the Geomancy of Ascension.

Using my Hands, I use an ancient form of Energy healing that comes from the Star People. It is a very powerful form of healing using hands filled with Light. Light & Sound tunings with full-spectrum tuning forks replicate the vibrational tones of Tibetan bells, restore the bio-magnetics of the body, and adjust vibratory harmony to the chakras, so they may spin freely and in balance. When guided, I work with Feathers and Fans from the Bird Nation, or Stones, Crystals and Gemstone healing. Journeying weaversmay be indicated.

Counseling stirs the impetus toward healing, and inspires the direction of the healing. Often the grandmothers, (non-physical healing guides) will prompt me to drum and sing in ancient tones that provide a chakra toning and heart opening. A Rattle, Whistle, or the Drum, the heartbeat of the Mother will call forth Totems or Power Animals to shapeshift through me and transmit their special qualities to the patient. Shamanic “seeing” and guidance from Spirit will make clear what forms of healing need to be vitalized. No matter the tool, no matter the reason for seeking healing, it is essentially a transmutation of energy that is required. For this to take place, negativity in whatever form it has manifested – illness, negative thought forms, entity attachments, or psychic arrows– are extracted and released to the Light or their proper place in the Universe. Then sweet healing comes. Whether the catalyst of healing works on body, mind or spirit first, it will affect the entire being.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_2054

Some effects one may feel are: physical pain may disappear, one may notice creative, dynamic changes in one’s life; feeling as fresh and new as a baby. It is my intention that all aspects of self the seeker allows to be healed will be reconciled; henceforth, the recipient of healing will live and move and know Self to be reunited with Source energy. The essential nature of my work is to reconnect you with the joy that comes from feeling the Love that the Universe OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhas for you unceasingly. Training to attract new patterns of thought and transform attitudes are offered, facilitating joyous living and well-being. Specific actions to take in the physical realm are channeled through in the healing session.

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Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman

Natural, Non-Intrusive Methods
Using One or More of the Following Specialties:


ANIMAL – CARETAKER HEALING SESSIONS: Learning to connect more deeply with your animal companion. Understanding pet behavior.

ETHERIC WEAVER HEALING: Utilizing the Forces of Physics and the Forces of Light within a room-sized Pyramid for multi-dimensional healing.

IMG_2047LIGHTWORK HEALING using hands filled with Light to heal and soothe. This is an ancient form of healing.

LIGHT & SOUND TUNINGS using Etheric Weavers or tuning forks which facilitate a multi-dimensional healing, and replicate the tones of Tibetan bells to align physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies.

FLOWER ESSENCES for Animals and Caretakers.

DSCN0805DSCN0817Helping to Ease your Animal’s Transition to the Spirit World.

Healing for hurt Wild Animals

I am often called “Lady of the Beasts” because all my life, I have had a dramatic, intuitive connection with animals. The Ancient Ones whisper their healing wisdom to me, and I whisper truth to your animal, which aligns him/her with their well being. I have spent many years learning to listen to, and interact intimately with nature. I will help you relate more deeply to your animal companion, so that you may experience joy together. I write stories and articles to help people get close and personal with Mother Earth’s energies, and am writing a novel about nature for children of all ages. Enabling humans to learn how to live in harmony with animals and the other kingdoms is my work. Together, we can create a new paradigm of compassion in a mutually shared future on Mother Earth.

I have been a healer of animals for over 45 years. I love to work with animals and they love me, responding to my feeling about them immediately, with trust and joy. Because of this, I have been able to do healing with wild animals, often saving lives. The healing for your animal is safe, effective, and non-intrusive.

DSCN1409 DSCN0064Look for my bi-monthly column TOTEMS in the free magazine WISDOM, distributed widely in New England, New York, the Philadelphia area, and Puget Sound at

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