cie Nurturing Ourselves LOGOFor many of us, the real last frontier is knowing, loving, and nurturing ourselves. It’s much easier to focus on relationships, career, even following a path, in order to maintain a sense of who we are. We exist in well-being or despair based on outside influences. Yet, it is really only through the loving acceptance and nurturing of ourselves that we can ever be available to nurture others.

When we are together, we engage in activities designed to let us experience the deep nurturing quality that comes from being with kindred spirits with the same goal. While apart, we awaken awareness of the Beloved within. We deepen the reality of being fully present for and to ourselves.

In our sessions together, we will experience the power of the circle, using the talking stick for speaking from the heart, as well as the joy of song (and other sound healing) relative to the evening’s topics. We will carry home interesting experiments and practices to further the experiences begun in our time together.

SERIES I: Topics include but are not limited to:

  • The Beloved, Within and Without
  • The Body
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Health
  • Self-Expression in the Arts
  • What we “Want to do” instead of “Have to do”


  • Self-Love Fitness
  • Living Juicy & Creating Deliciously
  • A New Vision & A New Script: How To Do It
  • Intimacy with Oneself & Others
  • Stress-Busting
  • Reducing Emotional Pain
  • Play & Pleasure
  • How To Survive A Bad Day
  • Stop Bullying Yourself
  • Creating a Supportive Community To Help Achieve Goals

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