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necklace4-is Self-Presentation work. Our Bodies are the temples of our Spirits. It is good to honor the temple by presenting no discrepancy between who we are in our divine selves and how we express ourselves to the world. We accomplish this through an educational teaching session, which includes charting for you, the Colors to which you resonate and which make you look your best, and which put you in your highest vibration. The intuitive use of Color as it applies to the seasons, diet, gemstones, clothing, (makeup and/or furniture when appropriate) will be brought forth. In addition to individual skin tone colors, we are born with certain Body Types.

roses 1Your Body Type determines what styles of clothing enhance your body.  Each of the body types I have targeted for men and women has specific characteristics. Neither your coloring nor your Body Type has anything  to do with age or weight.

hatWe will also work with affirmations, health suggestions, and other guidance that comes through for you. You deserve to be the best you can be. I have been doing this work since 1984.

jadeHaving the knowledge and training to discern this enables me to guide you in choosing color, patterns and styles of clothing which bring out your unique Signature and your luminosity.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to discover your most illuminating Colors, Body Type, Signature Dressing, and much more, please click here.