Deer Hearts,

A few months ago, I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life as a healer of animals. On a nice, sunny day at the end of October, I was driving up my road after having taken Ebbie for a walk in the woods. When I got in front of my next-door neighbor’s, I saw a porcupine slowly waddling up the side of the road. I watched him carefully to see if he was hurt, but he didn’t seem hurt, just not well. Then, I turned down the window, and asked him if he was alright. He turned and looked at me meaningfully, and then just kept waddling.

That was it! Pulling over, I got out of the car and walked toward him very slowly, speaking my heart to him; telling him not to be afraid; that I wouldn’t hurt him, and that he was safe. I told him I wanted to give him a healing. I put every bit of feeling into it, and it caught his attention. When he would move away from me, I’d stop and speak to him again, and eventually, he let me get close enough to suspend my etheric weaver over him while I gave him a healing. Showing no fear or aggression, he relaxed as soon as I began. He was facing the brook and the stone wall in front of it, so when I was done, he turned to look at me before heading a little further toward the brook. Just on the outside chance that he would still be there, I drove to my house and got my phone to take a few pictures – which is what you’re seeing today. (Sorry you can’t see his face very well). When I went back, he was in a different spot, but I was able to see his face more clearly, and then I realized why he had been walking so slowly. He had ticks all over his snout – probably had Lyme. Since that day I’ve been giving Quillen (that’s what I named him) long distance healings, focusing on that area.

Why am I telling you this story, besides the fact that it was an amazing experience? It’s to encourage you to live a life filled with unconditional love for nature and all beings, and that the message today is that kindness – toward self, other humans, and other species makes a real difference.

Porcupines are totems of the South, the natural home of animals, and the place of trust and innocence. Though we are currently in a time of purging, let us keep hope and faith alive, because on the other end of it, there is a promise that will be fulfilled – a promise that when enough people (a quorum) are willing to change their ways to heal themselves and the Earth, and are willing to recognize and care for, the incredibly sentient beings we share the planet with, then life on Earth WILL change for the better.

Until we re-learn how to co-exist peacefully with the natural world, this planet will be in jeopardy. This is not the first time our beloved Mother planet has been in crisis. Many species are moving to extinction, never again to grace us with all their gifts, and their place in the grand ecological scheme. We can’t afford to lose a single one as all of Earth’s creations are interdependent and important.

As I write this, just a few days ago the unimaginable devastation of storms of tornadoes hit the Midwest and the South. Last summer, fires destroyed so much forest and so many homes out West. Ice shelves are melting, which will cause unthinkable horror around the world. We’ve got to stop creating products from unnatural, un-compostable substances, and create systems to rectify what we’ve already done. Deepak Chopra says that 30% of the Earth’s natural microbiome is gone because of the use of antibiotics, and pesticides and fertilizers that are made from petroleum. There’s one choice left:

Love others and the Earth or die with a dying planet.

So, let’s start with what’s right in front of us. Be careful how you shop, and be aware of the repercussions of the products you use. Create and restore habitat whenever you can. If you get a chance to do something kind to any human, animal, insect, or growing thing, jump on it. Remember, just because they’re small doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to live.

Hug a tree; they can consciously receive your ministrations. Help the animals in your neighborhood any way you can. Share your love of Nature with your children to open them to the incomparable designs and joys to be found there.

Any act of kindness will also help restore or increase happiness within the one doing the kindness. Volunteering to help others also helps keep spirits rejuvenated. Even picking up trash alongside the road on the way to the recycling center will make a difference. Once we are looking for ways to help, more ways and people will show up. Even a smile or a joke makes a dent in a dreary day. Here are some more ways to practice kindness:





Cie Simurro


 Yesterday, I harvested some yellow coltsfoot

to make tinctures for coughs

I thanked each group of them

and blessed the entire coltsfoot family,

taking care to leave many for future growth


As I was searching out the coltsfoot,

I noticed trash thrown from cars that

zoom down my country road, from

folks that don’t care at all that the beer cans,

plastic, and fast-food containers don’t compost


So, having been given the gift of the coltsfoot

I decided to give back, picking up a shopping bag’s

worth of garbage to take to the dump

hoping to recycle the ones that could be

made into some useful future item


Then, today I read a story that told

of a group of women in northern India

Knitting sweaters and leg warmers

for elephants who had been rescued

after being terribly abused


It took about a week to make each sweater

but the women enjoyed their task

They saw a need, and their loving hearts

and hands, filled a void

And that’s when it clicked!


We can’t heal the whole world at once

There’s too much abuse, violence,

lack of caring, helplessness,

pollution, and greed-inspired damage

to heal everything at once


But what would happen if each of us

did something to change things for the better –

whatever is in our own sphere of influence?

What if each neighborhood banded to help

their neighbors and the natural world?


I’ll bet it would spread pretty fast

among folks with good hearts

because people will help

if they know how to, if it’s do-able,

and will make a difference


So, let’s all look around us

to see what needs to be done

Enlist the aid of others, or do one thing

by ourselves, with an open heart

to heal an Earth out of balance


Let’s express our Love

in ways large and small

Teach our children how to care for life

How to be inspired and effective

in their own piece of the world


Once we turn our attention

toward doing so,

We will undoubtedly find more and more

ways to help, and

more and more people who want to help


That’s how a dream becomes reality


©   Cie Simurro







In kinship,

Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman