DSCN0346And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved; to feel myself beloved on the Earth
Raymond Carver

 If you’ve been wondering when and how you will know yourself as beloved, and be able to embrace life, surely it is now. All energy is converging in this catalytic time in history to help you lead a fulfilling and purposeful life. This is the time to learn who you are, and let self-knowledge prepare you for your life’s journey.


is a
LightWork and Sound
Earth Stewardship

 In a nutshell, it’s purpose is to move you along as far as you can possibly be on your path to self-realization. You will truly know who you are, and what your purpose is as a seed person affecting the lives of so many others. You will discover your innate teacher, healer, priestess or priest.

Level One does not mean it is basic. In the mystical world, all is multi-dimensional, not linear. Working with Universal principles is eternal and circular. The more you put into the practices and exercises, the more profound will be your results.

For some of you, what I have just written will be enough for you to know this training is for you. Others of you will need to meditate to get the resonance. Fine. For the few (like me) who always want the specifics, what follows is a pretty complete outline of what we cover in the 9 full-day sessions of training; that is, if you don’t count the fact that all of this material is “alive” and mutable.

Although you will touch true power, this training is not about the ego acquiring power. Although you will learn shamanic practices and healing techniques, it is not about acquiring a portfolio of techniques.

This training will not make you a shaman. That is up to the contract with your Higher Self that you agreed to before you came into form. Although this is true, you will learn to heal, transmute negativity, and meld with the Life Force in all things – which is my definition of Shamanism.

This training will provide the opportunity to meet your true Self, rout out old, unhealed patterns halting your progress, and connect you with the community of forces that are your Allies and Companions in this Earth walk. It is not glamorous work, but it is sublime. It is not easy, but it is real, and so worth your efforts. In the midst of change, it will be hard to remember that you are an innate teacher. Remember that true teachers walk the walk they talk – what I call “eating the Medicine” – to the best of their ability. You must go through the grunt work, and burn off the chaff to get to the treasure beneath. We begin with releasing anger, and getting to the roots of forgiveness as the basis of self-love. Highly effective healing techniques are learned and practiced. We delve into Earth and Animal connections, including how to work with feathers and the Standing Ones (trees). We explore Power and Protection, Life Purpose and Journeying, as well as working with Angelic Forces and the Masters.  Applying patience, compassion, and love to all areas of one’s life produces a shining result. You begin to follow the Buddha’s last admonition to become a Light unto the world.

If you want a training that is at once mystical and profound yet experiential, contact me.

There is true love, joy, meaning, release and lots of teaching stories here. If you are ready, contact me.

If you have an open heart and burning desire to know your true Self and the Godness within, you are welcome here.

This training is for you if you want a closer walk in sacred union with the natural world: The Directions, Elements, and the Animal, Plant and Mineral kingdoms.

If you want to learn safe, powerful ways of Healing, and you want to set upon your Path, this is the training for you. The class is small, intimate and hands-on – also hands-on are the healing methods you will learn. You will meet people with whom it is possible to have lifetime relationships because you are working on a soul level. We share a potluck mid-day.

May all who feel a resonance with this training and this medicine, allow your spirit to bring you into this way of knowing Self, Source, and the Community of Life.

Because this training is intensive, I require a healing session in advance, if you have not already had one with me. This also allows you to experience the kind of energy you will be working with. The healing session stands on its own to bring you to an optimum place in your life.

I require each student to be completely free of recreational drugs for at least 6 months before training, in order that we may travel safely through the worlds.

I offer this Training when direction from Spirit converges with student desire.

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In addition to KEYS TO SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, I periodically offer a Training in the Ancient Mystery Schools Initiations.




We are in an age where we are going through many of the same challenges as were faced in the ancient civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Polynesia, to name a few.

These Initiations, Rituals, and Wisdom are valid today for the alchemical process leading to self-awareness, and self-realization.

THE ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS INITIATIONS are your opportunity to learn about, and experience for yourself, the wisdom and knowledge produced by many of the very same Initiations as the Temple Acolytes and Adepts. We will primarily work with the Esoteric Teachings of Ancient Egypt, but also with Temple life in Lemuria, Atlantis, and Polynesia, especially those principles and structural forms brought to new lands by the Seed People of dissolving civilizations.

We will discover the challenges of the Acolytes from the time they entered the Temple at age 7, through their progress as Adepts, to the final Initiations and Priest(ess)hood. We will replicate the ancient ways of working with the Elements and Directions; We will explore the Hermetic Laws, especially Rhythm and Vibration; universal Shapes and Symbols as expressed in architecture and Nature’s forms (like the Fibonacci spiral); the significance and use of Color and Gemstones in healing, and the meaning and energy of Numbers. We will investigate the true purpose and scope of the Great Pyramid complex at Giza and the purpose of other Temples, as well as elsewhere in the world, both ancient and current.

Throughout our journey, we will access the guidance and protection of certain Egyptian Neters (gods and goddesses), learning their stories and developing energetic relationships with them. We will explore the synergistic union of Light, Sound, Color, Gemstones and Numbers to clear and open the chakras and for manifestation. We will expand knowledge through practices, journeys, meditations and games.

While working with Sacred Geometry, you will make your own set of geometric shapes to keep. Through Journeying, I will take you back to the quadrants of Lemuria and Atlantis to see if you were part of those civilizations. The classes take place in a room-sized pyramid amplified by crystals, gemstones, geometric grids and shapes, and Etheric Weavers.

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