The Equinox begins on March 20th at 5:24 p.m.

Deer Hearts,

The picture above was taken the day after the Nor’Easter that fell upon the hills of western Massachusetts where I live. Three feet of snow fell here – places with higher elevation got even more snow than that. So much snow piled on top of snow that had never melted, making mountains of snow everywhere. No electricity, no heat, and no running water for 24 hours. It snowed all night Monday, all day Tuesday, and then all Tuesday night into Wednesday. I went down to check my basement on Tuesday because my sump pumps had no electricity to power them, and my worst fears were realized. The basement was flooded.

So, what do we do when life becomes overwhelming? For many, these past few years have been filled with stress, the need to constantly adapt to changing conditions, changes in jobs, the supply chain, changes in health, and changes in opportunities – to be with family, with friends or out socially. There has been a great sadness over the catastrophic and violent events occurring so frequently in our world.

Do we sink, or do we swim? Perhaps the silver lining to difficult events and situations in our lives is that we may reach out and ask for help. Who shall we ask? Well, there are more angels tangibly available to help us now than ever before – if we ask! And have you ever stopped in the middle of a quandary and asked your guides to help you know what to do, and how to handle some situation? Every one of us has guides that were given to us when we incarnated. Another source of assistance are our loved ones who have passed over into a timeless dimension where love continues to motivate them. Love does not ever die.

I called upon all these sources as well as the benevolent One Love that created all of life. Even as I knew that nature will take its course, I prayed for a miracle. Even as I did my best to affirm that the basement, my furnace, and my new oil tank would be alright, I begged for a miracle.

Though the electricity had come back on at about 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, I still wasn’t hearing my two sump pumps working. As I put on my rubber boots and prepared to shovel more snow out of the way to be able to get down to the basement, I tried to envision a dry basement, though I could not entirely wipe away my trepidation. I just kept asking for help.

I wish I could describe how I felt when I opened the basement door and water did not come rushing around my ankles and legs! Somehow, some way, a miracle had occurred, and there was only an occasional pooling of water that was easily swept into the well that holds my main sump pump. I actually had to sit on a cinder block, as I began a litany of thankyou’s that I kept repeating over and over for hours, and beyond. And even though there were more snow challenges during the day, nothing could diminish the gratitude I felt, and the feeling of being held in the arms of Love.

Ask for help and be calmly expectant for messages about what to do. I have a favorite affirmation that I keep posted on my computer lid, and around the house, and in my car.

In this moment, I am going to allow myself to trust and have faith that I will receive a sign of what my next steps are, and that whatever or whoever can assist me will be shown to me.

Happy Spring Equinox, and enjoy being open to Miracles.

Even though I wrote the following poem in February of 2021, it feels pretty relevant to the story I just shared with you. I hope it brings you to love and joy.

In kinship,

Cie Simurro

This is my 22nd poem about Love
To celebrate, for the next 22 days
I will find one thing each day
to make myself feel good
in a dark pandemic time,
sequestered from
friends and family,
social interaction, fun, and
joy-producing activities

Why twenty-two?
It’s a number that reminds me
to keep faith when all seems lost
To look for new opportunities
perhaps right within what’s
already in front of me
After all, isn’t a miracle
seeing the gift in
the seemingly ordinary?

Today, on day One
I accept the gift of the blanketing snow
outside my window
The snow that increases in volume
every hour and every inch
That my muscles will gear up later
to shovel off the previous snowfall
and add itself to the three feet of snow
on the roof of my house, garage, and shed

Today, I will love the snow
As it refills the well of water
that I drink, cook with, bathe in
The snow that brings a time of rest
to all of Nature
That inspired me to add
writing poetry to the more onerous job
of beginning to do my taxes
To begin first, with what I love