My Mission

My mission is to bring forward and disseminate the healing arts and ancient universal wisdom through writing, teaching, and healing, facilitating the mystical reunion of humans with Source and Nature, in all Directions, in equal balance, allied with the Elements, acknowledging the divine within all.

We are in a grand partnership with nature. It is as subtle and complex as the delicate, yet tensile web of the spider. Just as nothing can touch the web without the spider knowing and feeling it, so also does every change in our ecology resonate throughout our environment.

This relationship is not just physical.
We have inextricably linked destinies on this dear planet.
It is time to create a future for all living things, in order that we may all survive.

from TOTEMS FOR STEWARDS OF THE EARTH,  An Ecology of Love by Cie Simurro


“Cie is a Song Restorer.”

-Shari M.