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2011 Spring Equinox Greeting: BEING SOVEREIGN

Deer Hearts, Greetings to you on this powerful Equinox. Grandmother Moon is extraordinarily luminous and resplendent this full moon. Let us greet her and thank her for her light and influence on us. As the Mother groans, shifts and shudders, planetary change becomes a constant. She must balance herself. As the last few messages I've [...]

2011 Spring Equinox Greeting: BEING SOVEREIGN2019-02-20T18:32:21+00:00

2010 Winter Solstice Greeting: from DIVINE MOTHER

Winter Solstice Message Solstice occurs at 6:38 p.m. EST December 21st 2010 Transmitted through Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman From Divine Mother What is your relationship with me? Do you love me from the depths of your heart and body, knowing that I sustain you and all life? Do you realize the way you love [...]

2010 Winter Solstice Greeting: from DIVINE MOTHER2013-12-12T13:38:26+00:00

2010 Fall Equinox Greeting: from GAIA

Fall Equinox 2010 Message From Mother Earth Gaia I call upon my Warriors of Light from all time to step forward now. If you have a passion for my impeccable and complex beauty; if you can appreciate the perfect order of my creations; the intertwining events and brilliant timing encasing and embracing all species; then [...]

2010 Fall Equinox Greeting: from GAIA2013-12-12T13:40:25+00:00

2010 Summer Solstice Greeting; DON’T GIVE UP

SOLSTICE MESSAGE FOR JUNE 2010 DON’T GIVE UP From Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman Deer Hearts, So, things are working pretty synchronistically this morning. I got the Solstice transmission – which started off in a way that was pretty surprising to me. Then I opened an email with a specific request from the 13 grandmothers [...]

2010 Summer Solstice Greeting; DON’T GIVE UP2013-12-12T13:39:18+00:00

2010 Spring Equinox Greeting: DO-OVER

Dear Ones, Recently, a good friend of mine had the courage to look back on his old, harsh boarding school days, and reclaim power lost then. Afterward, he gave himself all the compassion he hadn’t been able to, at the time. The last step was forgiveness of each thing and each one in the situation, [...]

2010 Spring Equinox Greeting: DO-OVER2013-12-12T13:41:16+00:00

2009 Winter Solstice Greeting: LIGHT-DARK-ACCEPTANCE

LIGHT DARKNESS & ACCEPTANCE It is dark even before 4:30 in the afternoon; dark at 4:30 in the morning. Many mornings the sun rises over the mountains just for a little while on snowy days or days wet with curtins of rain, phantoms of fog. The light is more precious then, against the converging grey [...]

2009 Winter Solstice Greeting: LIGHT-DARK-ACCEPTANCE2013-12-12T13:42:19+00:00

2009 Fall Equinox Greeting: WONDER-FULL

MESSAGE FROM MOTHER EARTH For the Fall Equinox September 22, 2009 WONDER FULL Beloved creations, my deer-hearted ones, beautiful beings: The most important moment in your life is the moment you are in. Whether or not you by-pass this opportunity for delight and pure experience depends upon your awareness of who you are in this [...]

2009 Fall Equinox Greeting: WONDER-FULL2013-12-12T13:43:03+00:00

2009 Summer Solstice Greeting: COMMUNICATION

SUMMER SOLSTICE MESSAGE COMMUNICATION 2009 The Summer Solstice sweeps in at 1:45 a.m. EDT on Father's Day. Summer is a time for growth, nurturing and love. This is the season of love. In my Wheel, this is the directional home of the 4-leggeds and the element of Fire. It represents the child, and the physical. [...]

2009 Summer Solstice Greeting: COMMUNICATION2019-02-20T18:32:21+00:00

2009 Spring Equinox Greeting: INVESTMENT

VERNAL EQUINOX MESSAGE INVESTMENT from Thunderbird Starwoman Crystal deer hearts, There are possibilities for aid and renewal from this day forward that are to be answers to prayers that you have long felt unheard. What you did not realize with your 3D earth consciousness is that much was moving and making preparation for this Day [...]

2009 Spring Equinox Greeting: INVESTMENT2019-02-20T18:32:21+00:00

2008 Winter Solstice Greeting: IN ANY LANGUAGE

HAPPY SOLSTICE Let us celebrate the return of the Sun that saves us from barrenness HAPPY HANUKKAH Let us celebrate the Light for Miracles and Redemption MERRY CHRISTMAS Let us celebrate the return of Love which Jesus the Christ anchored in the Earth HAPPY KWANZAA Let us celebrate unity and the fruits of our labor [...]

2008 Winter Solstice Greeting: IN ANY LANGUAGE2013-12-12T13:45:30+00:00