LOVE ONE ANOTHER UNCONDITIONALLY Many years ago in New York, I worked with a Seraphim called Julian, who came through a woman named June Burke. Julian’s favorite expression was, Love One Another Unconditionally. In fact, buttons with this on it were printed up. I keep one in sight to this day – to remind me. Why? Because to me it is the only commandment we need. All else springs from that … and … it is the only thing that makes absolute sense. Imagine the world we would live in if we loved unconditionally: First off, we would do no intentional harm. If corporations and pharmaceutical companies put consumer welfare before profit, think of the extraordinary creativity that would be unleashed. A simple shift in motivation would create new, clean, honest industries without the fear of scarcity behind so many deceitful, harmful practices. Transparency would be the order of the day. Even advertising would be based on telling the truth about products all could be proud of, that do not harm. Know-how and genius could be harnessed to figure out how to clean up industries that currently do harm – to humans, animals, and the environment with products and waste from manufacturing, chemicals, and their by-products. Think of all the new, satisfying, meaningful work that would be created. If the first edict was “do no harm,” scientists, agri-business and chemical giants would replace harmful pesticides, fertilizers, solvents and fuels with a system that values animals, plants, trees and everyone’s health as integral to a healthy, thriving world eco-system. No one would be expendable. Calculating just how much pollution we can take would be a thing of the past – an old, fear-based way of thinking. If Nicola Tesla could discover the power of harnessing earth energy for use as batteries, and we can further develop solar power, there is no need to settle for energy methods that do harm. If we loved one another unconditionally beyond vested interests, we could begin to develop anti-gravity machines, etc. Perhaps our star sisters and brothers would then know we are ready and share knowledge with the formerly “naughty” children of the Universe. If we truly cared about animals, we would never take away their freedom and natural biological cycles. Animals are capable of so much more than we allow them to be in most current cultures. A more cooperative relationship has been successful in the past, in indigenous societies. Of course, respect and honoring preceded cooperation. A shift in motivation and energy is the root of all successful change. Change the energy and you change the mass. If the Mother’s resources were used with gratitude where needed, and not to promote the endless glut of junk for profit, the Earth would deeply flower again. If we would do our part to restore balance, she will not need catastrophic earth changes to re-balance Herself. If we loved one another, we would help each other to full expression of our potential. We would completely support art forms, knowing that society can only benefit from promoting artistic expression for everyone to explore. Instead of schools and institutions churning out cogs to support failing, impossible systems, we could find new meaning in life with cohesive values that do not judge others, but make room for differing points of view and ways of life. In other words, if it does not harm, mind your own business. Everyone needs to find out about life in their own way. We all come in with karma and lessons to master. We’re all – everything on the planet and in the universes – all made of the same “stuff.” The intrinsic ingredient in that stuff or life force is Love, by any name. That’s how we’re all related and why the fate of one is the fate of all. If you’re thinking this is a pipe dream and things will never change, be reminded that change only requires a quorum, not a majority. I invite you to only focus on the opportunities in front of you and in your life. Change is a-happening. Not always en masse or without upheaval, but it’s happening. Can’t you feel it every day? So, the only question is: What can you do today to express the love that you are? to assist your fellow creatures
to make life more beautiful
to employ your creativity for good to celebrate, and …
to have more in your life that gives you joy and meaning. Who can you give/send love to today? Don’t forget to include yourself. You have more power than you may think. Today, walk carefully on the Earth trying your best not to hurt any living thing. Greet and thank everything! LET’S GET REAL-EYES’D I was awakened at 2:00 a.m. to be told that the subject of this Summer Solstice Greeting was Unconditional Love. This morning, as soon as I got up, I went down to the porch to write down the above message. As I was nearing the end, I felt my former 4-legged Medicine partner, Thunder wanted to give a message. Some of you knew Thunder personally, and some of you have received healing from him. Since he’s passed into Spirit, he still comes in to help with every healing I do. In the last year, some people have told me that he has come to them in spirit with healing for them or their pets. Some he knew; more recently he is also working with those he didn’t know. Sometimes the message that he’s willing to help a particular person comes through me; he’s also sent messages through others. Apparently he is more effective without incarnating again, which explains why he hasn’t come back to me. So, when I “heard” that he had a message, I said, “Well, okay, but you’re on your own. I’ve said everything I have to say. AND you have to let me be sure, it’s absolutely you”. (Which he did. Read to the end.) So here’s a message from Shadow of the Thunder Beings a.k.a. Thunder: page1image69128“Many people who have been wounded emotionally have special, loving relationships with companion animals like dogs, cats and horses. Not the only ones, for all the animal kingdom is capable of relationship in some way. It is true that animals were created in part as companions for humans, for is not your journey on the earthly timeline lightened and more joyful because of us? For some, the unconditional love of an animal is the only love they have known. The love of those of us in the animal kingdom is pure, yet it is not all of which we are capable. We are also meant to be an example that teaches you to love in that pure way. Some of you have experienced unconditional love with your children. If you look in our eyes, you will see the same world of wonder, purity and yes, an aspect of the divine. There is no part of creation that is more or less than another. All are part of the whole – the Oneness. Each creation has its part to fulfill. So, I encourage each of you who reads this, to fulfill yourselves in every way you are led to, or have an inclination toward, for when you are fulfilled, you are a blessing to all. I send each of you paws-itive love,
You know me as Shadow of the Thunder Beings” (He always did have a great sense of humor)
For more about Thunder, read my article on Dog Medicine: Blessed be all, Love,
Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman & Thunder