Dear Ones, Greetings on this momentous day and time. For all that has been said and written about this day, December 21st 2012, it is not just the position of the day itself in time. The application in one’s life, of opening the pathway to the heart will infuse us with the knowledge that we are an integral part of all Life in a deeper way than we have ever been able heretofore, to imagine. So integral, so deep in fact, that our very thought about anything begins to create; that our very love and concern for our fellow creatures gives comfort to them and to us. Before every major change, there are death throes within ourselves. Those death throes are also reflected on the planet. More violence; more greed; more earth changes! As difficult as that is, and it is extremely difficult, there is also more altruism, more advocacy for the downtrodden, more giving. We must not give up right before the way opens. We must be part of the quorum that tips the scales. Isn’t that what we came for? When we open the pathway to our hearts (Huichol shamans call it the Nierika), it gives to us the givers, a place or anchoring on this planet – gives us through our reverence for Life itself – a connection. For in Love, there is no separation. The message from Mother Earth today was short and succinct: “My children, call upon that which is best in you to come forth now for yourselves, and all with whom you share this precious gift of life. My time is at hand. It is time to see that what you do for good or ill, to – or for – others is what you do, to – or for – yourselves. Our fates are inextricably linked. For I am One, and all drink from the same well.” ✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜ What if your life were suddenly enhanced, like a photograph where every element is still present, yet has become richer, more colorful and vital? That is how the application of Love in our daily lives can produce an alchemical chain of events that appear to be miracles. Suddenly all possibility – and hope, which nourishes the soul – suddenly true promise, that we can be all we used to dream of being – someone with purpose, someone with a great capacity for empathy and compassion, someone who expresses him or herself through art and artistry in all one does, on a daily basis. What if the gnawing quest for meaning was replaced by the endlessly fascinating journey into the interior of oneself, and we discovered we are so much more than we thought – realized that our lives can be an outpicturing of love and acceptance – of ourselves; love and acceptance of others? What if opening our hearts produced a quantum leap in ability, awareness, and enjoyment of our lives? What if we experienced the joy of the specialness of each moment, because we made ourselves aware and open to each present moment? Have we thought to call on a greater Self that knows no limits in time – our future self, a past self that has mastered what we wish to accomplish, and our present self – being one? Quantum physics proves that outside of 3D, all time is simultaneous. All probabilities co-exist. Have we thought to be in such deep partnership with our physical bodies, that we can call on deep resources of love within ourselves, so that even cellular chemistry can change? It’s all in the vibration. Have we thought to align with and embody GREATNESS within and without, be it Higher Self, Higher Power, Goddess or God, to accomplish dreams that were left long ago, by the wayside? If we step up, allow it, and affirm it, Life will MEET US and present whatever opportunities we need, to progress upon our highest path. Life is urging us, nay prodding us to expand our worldview. Have you noticed life has gotten larger, more urgent, and more prolific (which is why it’s hard to keep up with the inundation.) What if all we have been going through was to open us up to our own limitless possibilities as creators? Let’s keep our eyes on the prize. LET’S GET REAL-EYES’D NOW. The following ancient words are as fresh and new today as ever, with a little paraphrasing, and some additions from me: Love Yourself unconditionally. Even if you can’t feel it yet, you are divine. Love one another unconditionally. Love and help your neighbor as yourself. Let your Light shine on all. Give others the gifts of the best of You. Care for all creation. Just CARE, and you will be led to action. So, beloved ones, in this extraordinary time, let us stretch, stretch… to open that pathway to the heart, trusting that we can start over, here and now – that we are not forsaken, but are enfolded in the miracle of Everlasting Love. Let’s bring everyone with us! With Love & Kinship, Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman OPEN ARMS HEALING