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2013 Summer Solstice Greeting: SMELL THE WILD ROSES

LOVE ONE ANOTHER UNCONDITIONALLY Many years ago in New York, I worked with a Seraphim called Julian, who came through a woman named June Burke. Julian’s favorite expression was, Love One Another Unconditionally. In fact, buttons with this on it were printed up. I keep one in sight to this day – to remind me. [...]

2012 Winter Solstice Greeting: REAL EYES

Dear Ones, Greetings on this momentous day and time. For all that has been said and written about this day, December 21st 2012, it is not just the position of the day itself in time. The application in one’s life, of opening the pathway to the heart will infuse us with the knowledge that we [...]

2012 Fall Equinox Greeting: ANT MEDICINE

Come September, the energy invariably kicks it up a big, big notch. This September 2012 Equinox is about intense effort - even if that effort is just about keeping up with the changes in one’s personal life, trying to keep up with technological change, or the sweeping changes on the planet. When things get too [...]

2012 Summer Solstice Greeting: THE SAP IS ALWAYS NEW

Dear Ones, If you are on my email list, you already have a close connection with animals, but do you also communicate with, and appreciate plants and trees in the same way? Years ago, my dear friend Patricia Lewis (Patchwork Farm Writing and Yoga Retreats) invited me to have lunch with her and Dorothy MacLean. [...]

2012 Spring Equinox Greeting: BEGINNING ANEW

It's spring when all things begin anew. If you were to begin again, how would you start? What would you do differently? Would you change your outer circumstances or would you pay attention to your inner landscape? Is there a younger self crying to be acknowledged and recognized in some way that didn't happen in [...]

2011 Winter Solstice Greeting: TALK ABOUT LOVE

> Let's talk about Love. Is there anything better than love? We are the heart, the hands, the mind and the soul of Love. WE ARE! The sooner we embrace that, know it, and live it, the sooner our lives fill with Love and Beauty... the sooner we fulfill our purpose - to love Ourselves [...]

A 2011 Autumn Equinox Greeting: MESSAGE FROM MOTHER EARTH

A 2011 Autumn Equinox Message from Mother Earth through Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman “Who has held you in Love from your first breath, when you sucked Air in to fill your lungs. How many times have you been quenched and soothed by Water, warmed by the golden Sun, pillowed by the Earth beneath you? [...]

2011 Summer Solstice Greeting: U2 CONCERT & GRIEVING FOR PHOEBES

Deer Hearts, I flew out to California for a U2 concert (the 360 tour). My daughter had these amazing front seats, so it was a rare opportunity to see my favorite rock & roll band, as well as my daughter and grandson. Irish tax controversy aside, for those of you who, like me are lifelong [...]

2011 Spring Equinox Greeting: BEING SOVEREIGN

Deer Hearts, Greetings to you on this powerful Equinox. Grandmother Moon is extraordinarily luminous and resplendent this full moon. Let us greet her and thank her for her light and influence on us. As the Mother groans, shifts and shudders, planetary change becomes a constant. She must balance herself. As the last few messages I've [...]

2010 Winter Solstice Greeting: from DIVINE MOTHER

Winter Solstice Message Solstice occurs at 6:38 p.m. EST December 21st 2010 Transmitted through Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman From Divine Mother What is your relationship with me? Do you love me from the depths of your heart and body, knowing that I sustain you and all life? Do you realize the way you love [...]