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2009 Spring Equinox Greeting: INVESTMENT

VERNAL EQUINOX MESSAGE INVESTMENT from Thunderbird Starwoman Crystal deer hearts, There are possibilities for aid and renewal from this day forward that are to be answers to prayers that you have long felt unheard. What you did not realize with your 3D earth consciousness is that much was moving and making preparation for this Day [...]

2009 Spring Equinox Greeting: INVESTMENT2019-02-20T18:32:21+00:00

2008 Winter Solstice Greeting: IN ANY LANGUAGE

HAPPY SOLSTICE Let us celebrate the return of the Sun that saves us from barrenness HAPPY HANUKKAH Let us celebrate the Light for Miracles and Redemption MERRY CHRISTMAS Let us celebrate the return of Love which Jesus the Christ anchored in the Earth HAPPY KWANZAA Let us celebrate unity and the fruits of our labor [...]

2008 Winter Solstice Greeting: IN ANY LANGUAGE2013-12-12T13:45:30+00:00

2008 Fall Equinox: GREET EVERYTHING

AN EQUINOX MESSAGE AUTUMN 2008 given through Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman The theme for this Equinox is to GREET ALL THE ENERGIES WITH WHICH YOU INTERACT EACH DAY + BLESS ALL WITH WHOM YOU COME INTO CONTACT I am being urged by the Spirit Keepers of the West to offer the following message: "We, [...]

2008 Fall Equinox: GREET EVERYTHING2019-02-20T18:32:22+00:00

2008 Summer Solstice Greeting: LETTING GO

A SUMMER SOLSTICE MESSAGE from MOTHER EARTH LETTING GO There comes a season when every mother must make her children go out on their own to have strengthening, enlightening experiences in order that they might individuate, eventually returning home to the mother by choice and love. We have entered such a time, my children. You [...]

2008 Summer Solstice Greeting: LETTING GO2013-12-12T13:47:23+00:00

2008 Spring Equinox Greeting: EARTH DAY

EARTH DAY MESSAGES Wow! Here in western Massachusetts we have had almost a week of waking up to sunshine and bird song, as well as going to sleep to the mating calls of the peepers (frogs) in every makeshift pool of water. Every being iin the natural world seems busy making nests, getting food (they're [...]

2008 Spring Equinox Greeting: EARTH DAY2013-12-12T13:48:06+00:00