by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman


Everyone wants to be happy, but sometimes it’s difficult to find a way to feel happy. Yes, there are certain things that tend to make everyone happy – being appreciated and loved, making others feel good about themselves, feeling creative and actually creating or making something, singing, dancing, exercise forms that make your body feel good – but what are the everyday particulars by which we can feel good when nothing special is happening?

The first step is for us to bring our attention to the here and now – and to BE INSIDE IT.
There is some technique to this: First, decide to love and accept yourself now, as you are. Give yourself understanding, compassion, and a hug. After all, you’re doing the best you can, aren’t you? And if you’re good to yourself, you’ll be able to do even better.

Find something in each situation to feel happy about. Magnify that which feels good. Tune into the “well” parts. It’s usually the small things that produce a feeling of well being, isn’t it? Sometimes, it’s the silver linings that are the most worthwhile to give attention to, in order to shift the energy. Nothing is all bad, even if we just learn something from the experience, or it makes us a more aware, compassionate being.

One of the most useful practices to achieve well-being is to develop the habit of asking yourself in any trying time – What can I appreciate in this moment?

Some Examples of Silver Linings

  • You’re shoveling snow, but the sun is shining brilliantly.
  • You are experiencing health issues, but you give thanks for each part of your body that is functioning well. You also send love to the parts that are under siege.
  • You’re stuck at work, but you have the opportunity to do something nice for someone or give him or her a compliment.
  • Their smile makes you feel good too.
  • Any day you share a joke is a good day. Especially with those who are older, infirm, or who don’t expect something that will make them smile.
  • Your dog or cat wakes you up with a wagging tail.
  • You have to get up to start your day, but for a moment, you let yourself appreciate the softness and comfort of the bed.
  • If you live with someone, or your family, you value and appreciate that they are sharing life with you today. Don’t take it for granted. Time passes so quickly. Also, appreciate that there are others with whom you can share chores – Lol.
  • If you are alone, appreciate that you can dictate your own schedule, and have things the way you want them.
  • No matter what you’re doing, drink in some color, especially green. Let yourself really feel color.
  • If you are bored, do something that channels your creative energy.
  • If you are besieged by emotions, write down your feelings. Listen for any help or messages from your deepest, intuitive self.
  • Instead of gobbling food down mindlessly, take a bite of food, STOP, and really taste it. Appreciate that it is providing you with life force and health.


Western civilization has always presented a masculine, fatherly image, and named it God. Societal decisions were mostly made by men, ruled by men, and executed by men. History tells us that. What is closer to reality is that all of creation has a balance of both masculine and feminine aspects. The feminine nurtures, and the masculine executes that energy into form. But what about the Divine? Is God both masculine and feminine? Neither? First Nations people related to Spirit or The Great Mystery, which is probably a closer understanding than making God in the image of a man or woman. All creation is divine, and imbued with that Spirit which makes each creation alive and creative. It also makes each of us a finger on the hand of Creation, and part of the Whole. That’s why Oneness is the truth, and ignoring our Oneness with all life leads to our own destruction.

We have been told that the nurturing Feminine energy will predominate now to heal planetary imbalances. If you’ve ever considered the masterful designs of Nature, you will appreciate the intricacy, and perfect interdependence of species, timing and function. The master designer, Mother Earth, facilitates each species. But more than that, She loves her creations. Every bit of our food, clothing and shelter comes from Her. The raw material of our entertainments, helpful products, and even those things, which we have created and use to pollute and destroy Her beauty come from Her. She gives us everything. She is the Mother of all, and she needs us now, in order to restore balance on this planet. All that we rely on for life can go away in an instant. It’s happened before – more than once.

If you love the Mother as I do, and you feel inwardly called to participate, and be part of a healing ceremony for Her on the Equinox, perhaps you will join me by holding the energy of love for Her and sending light and healing during the ceremony – a ceremony which was given to me, in response to a prayer that I made to increase my capacity to help heal Her in these times. However much you can do, will magnify healing. The ceremony will take place, beginning at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the 20th of March, which is the Spring Equinox. Wherever you are at that time, your intention is the entryway to the ceremony.

In this ceremony, your love and healing will bring in feminine energy, and you will hold the masculine by bringing it into form. During this time, you may want to create a sacred circle, simply, in whatever way you have been taught or that appeals to you. I always call in the 7 Directions (Above, Below, East, South, West, North and from the Heart Space) to create a sacred circle. If you are at work, you can create inner space, which is the point of creating 3-D space anyway. Make a fire or light a candle if you can. Some like to smudge with cedar, sage, or Palo Santo. You can also use an essential oil like cedar, rose, or lavender.

You may wish to begin by calling upon each of the guardians of the elements to help you clear anything you are holding onto that is holding you back from living the sacred purpose of your life. The Sylphs will help you diffuse these things into the air; Undines will dissolve any negativity into the water element; Earth Gnomes will patiently stabilize and ground you; and then let Salamander energy help you draw up volcanic fire from the center of the Earth to burn away any dross, and restore your inner fire.

Then, reflect upon all the things you love about the Mother, all the good times you have had enjoying her bounty and beauty. Take your time. Follow by calling up the Feminine Forces of the Universe within and without. (This is equally valid for men, as for women.) Send love to the Mother like you would to your newborn infant.

See yourself linking up in a circle with all the other people participating in this ceremony, and sending all your love to the Mother. If you are able, I recommend playing Kristin Hoffman’s, SONG FOR THE OCEAN. Here’s the link to the symphonic version: https://kristinhoffmann.bandcamp.com/track/song-for-the-ocean-symphonic-version

Visualize places and conditions you are drawn to, that need healing on the Earth, like perhaps the continent-sized plastic floating in the ocean, the leveling of our rainforests, land besieged by chemicals and pesticides, or ravaged by tornadoes or flood. Send love and compassion to all affected by the situation, including the other kingdoms (animal, mineral, vegetable). Also to people who are still supporting the violent oppression of the Earth, so that their hearts and souls may be transformed. If you wrote these down, it is now time to burn the paper in the candle flame or the fire.

Then REPLACE these scenes with an already HEALED VERSION of the situation, pouring your love unconditionally, for all, at the same time. Feel the power of doing this accelerated by other Wakan beings, angelic forces, guides, and masters of all time in Oneness. For suffering people, animals, or other kingdoms, see yourself and all involved, becoming joyful, laughing, and celebrating life. In other words, see the vision you want for the earth.


If you are in a space where you can do this, you may call out, from your heart what your desire for us and for the health of the Mother is.
I would end by releasing the Directions in reverse order.
Maybe burning a little sweet grass.
And perhaps a song that honors the Earth.

With great love and kinship,

by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman

The EDT Equinox – where there are exactly 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness is at 5:58 p.m.