2018 AUTUMN EQUINOX GREETING – If We Could Hear the Mother Breathe

by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman


If we knew the Earth, our Mother is alive
How different life on this planet would be
We would feel her blood pulsing and beating
like ours, in rivers and streams
We would realize our own beginnings
in the womb of her oceans
smell her sweet breath in the soughing wind
as it blows through cypress boughs,
and tickles the herbs and flowers

If we really knew the Earth our Mother is alive
We would respect the sacred ground we walk upon
with every step we take
How barren this world would be
without her beauty
to refresh and comfort us
Vistas of mountains, cool green forests,
deserts and canyons – an endless variety of creation
to delight our souls

If we felt our connection with our Mother
How we would love our brothers and sisters
we call totem and ally
Four-legged and winged
those who swim, and crawl
Wouldn’t we be grateful instead of greedy
for their giveaway
Knowing they lift the burdens of humanity
through companionship and service
Would we realize the debt we owe them?
How they sweeten our lives?

If we remembered the Earth is our Mother
How she feeds and sustains us
Wouldn’t we bless the plants
for food that makes our bodies able
for shelters of bark and wood
for fibers and dyes
We’d examine their forms
to learn how they heal us, and
offer medicine for renewed balance

If we could hear our Mother cry
Wouldn’t we treasure her resources
and walk lightly upon her skin
leaving no mark of our presence?
Wouldn’t we like to have air
so clean we could taste it
Water full of life – itself sustaining?
We’d dance to her rhythms
Singing to her our songs of praise

So she wouldn’t be yearning
for her prodigal children to return
Wouldn’t we go to her
with our sorrows
Letting her take all our tears and cries
The pain in our closed hearts too
She’d take it all into her own body
Using it to fertilize
the next seed, the next growth

Haven’t our happiest times been with the Mother
Lying in meadows, feeling the Sun
beneath closed eyelids
Warming the life force in our bellies
Hearing the roar of insects
buzzing from flower to flower
Fruity, earthy fragrances lifted on the breeze?
Weren’t we really happy then?
Hearts pure and free as children

Haven’t her colors delighted our senses,
made our hearts race with their intensity and beauty?
As red, orange and
buttery brown leaves
excite our sight and hearing
Floating down from the trees
Crunching underfoot in Autumn
Was there ever such an artist
or environmentalist?

Haven’t we known the Mother as Goddess
As receptivity and attraction in this world of polarity
Magnetic balance for the Father, who initiates
Her fierce, uncontrollable forces
in flood and earthquake.
Would it be too much for you if I suggest
We would have peaceful weather if we were peaceful?
We would have to acknowledge our intimate
relationship with her, wouldn’t we?

If we could hear the Mother breathe
we would hear the trees slow-speak to us
in their ancient language of wisdom
What will we do if their spirits leave us
Hubris and arrogance isolating us
from the whole,
Tearing the web of life
even as Spiderwoman reweaves the Universe

People of the Earth have always known
that we are not alone
We walk this Medicine Wheel of Spirit and Stone
with Angels and Ancestors
Devas and Guides
We are composed of Earth, Air, Fire and Water,
The Four Directions guiding us
to the balance of ether and substance

Listening is the key. If we are quiet
We’ll hear the keening of our lost will
That really is one with our Mother’s
She will outlast us
but we can heal by loving her,
Approaching her with respect
and humility
So she can teach us
the deeper meaning of our lives

Life will reach us any way it can
Through message and omen
Timing or Totem
Crisis or Poem
Patterns or Numbers
Synchronicity or Song
All meant to validate
Our deepest knowing –
That we are One with All Life

If we can hear the Mother breathe
We will be whole again

© Cie Simurro 2018

Experience your Oneness with Mother Earth this Equinox by using your creativity to make a song, a poem, story, a painting or photographs, honoring Her with your talent and passion.

The Fall Autumnal Equinox is Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 at 9:54 p.m.