by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman



Our world is woefully lacking in intimacy, and intimacy is what makes life feel worthwhile. But each of us can still live a life that feels intimate: first, by living the truth of who we are within ourselves, then with our surroundings, and finally, with those around us, letting others really see us – being willing to risk being all of who we are, so that we may be fulfilled.

What if there were no one left who loves you? Would you still be who you are? Have the same purpose? Be worth being loved by your own self? The gifts of greater awareness and higher consciousness come from dropping down into ourselves, and being – now. NOW. For if we realized that Source or Godness is within us, we would be a healing for all beings, for the planet, and a viable source of change – change for all the patterns on the Earth that hurt, cause cruelty, and that rise from fear and hatred. First, we must heal ourselves – healing those things in ourselves that hurt, or are cruel, by directing love and healing within. Even in the midst of crippling fear.

What if, when the “nasties” come around – you know the ones – fear, sadness, feelings of inadequacy – we stop, be with them, breathe through them and decide that though they are present in our current reality, they actually can bring us the gift of greater awareness of our own true natures.
What exactly is that nature? It is love, the only lasting reality. You may have been told you are one with everyone and everything including Source, but how can we know, really know, the nature of Source. In other words, how can we know God? The last time I asked that question, I received this answer:

GOD IS LOVING – not the adjective, as in, she was loving; he was loving –
But the VERB love-ing
because in the act of loving, we are giving love but also receiving love, and then we know God because we are most like God. That’s when we experience Oneness, timelessness and purpose. Things make sense. As long as we’re willing to allow that feeling to course through our bodies, we feel loved. So, even though it’s true that God is Love – for me to understand that GOD IS THE ACT OF LOVING is so much more tangible. I can live with that. How about you?

I’m not saying there aren’t plenty of things happening to make one sad, angry or depressed. I’m saying that it’s crucial to turn one’s attention to that which can be appreciated, because what engages a person’s attention, grows bigger. And we want more in our lives that feels good, and feels like love, right?

This is the season of giving. Have you ever stopped to think how much more you could give, just by giving love and approval to yourself? We come into this earth plane thinking we have to constantly be on a self-correcting course or an upward trajectory. Learn more – get it right – go deeper spiritually – but, what if everything we experience is an opportunity to be with ourselves in acceptance, compassion and deepest love?

Once we have learned to love ourselves, then we may try to appreciate the moments of everything in our day – walking in the forest, the food on our plates, color, the softness of blankets, clothes that keep us warm and look cool, the things that work well in our bodies – and for brave souls, even the things that don’t. For how long has it been since we have loved the places of our aches and pains? Or appreciated our conveniences, the house or apartment that shelters us, the wag of our cat’s or dog’s tail that makes us smile and remember to play. If we can bring ourselves to be fully engaged with all aspects of our lives, then when we wrap someone else, or the kingdoms of the Earth, or the Planet Herself in love and healing – then there is power there.

There is no recourse but to actualize love.
We – each of us – require it.
The times require it.
The future of our planet requires it.

One reason to appreciate everything is because everything but love and appreciation is so temporary. Yet if life would continue, so must consciousness increase. From that perspective, why not bring greater consciousness to our existence now? Why wait for change? Yes, even if no one else is doing it, we must live the truth of what we can imagine the world could be NOW. Let us live the way we know life can be. There is a pattern within each of us – a template – that is either so old, it is timeless, or so unrealized yet, that our consciousness is evolving towards it. Either way, it is our destiny. It is the reality of Love. Powerful enough to save the world. Potent enough to transform every negativity, within and without. Let. Us. Live. Love. Now. What a great Christmas gift to all Life that will be!

The Winter Solstice is December 21st at 5:23 p.m.
In the night sky, look for the almost full moon
Shooting Stars (the Ursid meteor shower)


In kinship,

by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman