Deer Hearts,

Walking Ebony down her favorite dead end dirt road, I spied a chunk of pink granite sticking out of the dirt. Knowing that it had been shipped in from afar to repair the road after the winter storms, I did not feel badly about picking it up, after leaving a gift. I knew this representative of the Stone Nation was my Equinox angel stone. Holding it in my left palm, its message began to come forth so quickly, I had to rush home to write it down for all of us.
“You are not mistaken. These times – now, in particular are very intense. Many are suffering as they meet trial and tribulation, without a viable way to handle challenge. Since we, the stone people are the backbone of Mother Earth, we will give you a concise procedure to allow you the most purpose, happiness and fulfillment in the days ahead.
Ask yourself the question, ‘Why am I here, now, on the planet? Can there be any accident or serendipity to my birth and life on earth at this time?’ My fellow voyagers, if you are here now, you are a way-shower, to be sure. Yes, perhaps kicking and screaming in your everyday self, but your soul didopt for this choice. Therefore, this choice must be the highest and wisest for you, else you would not be here. The Source of All Things is not sadistic. You are indeed, part of that Source. Would you be sadistic to yourself?
There really is no other reality save Love, with a capital L. We are all part of that reality. Even when we, or other brothers and sisters on the Earth plane do the most horrific and heinous things, still, we are all on our way back to to that Inseparable Oneness that is Love. You can help speed the process of a universal return to peace and joy by doing the following: when one see, reads about, hears of, or experiences, the horror of cruelty, greed, or the abuse of power, one naturally is depressed or even feels despair over these things. Imagine how many epochs of time my brethren of stone, gem and crystal have patiently waited for human consciousness to raise itself into its I AM awareness! So, I urge you to gather your power, link with the allies, angels, totems and Masters now — asking for help is crucial — then, see these horrors shift into a peaceful and harmonious solution. Dare to envision an outcome that your Higher Self would see enacted on the Earth plane. Do not be impotent. Be the healer you came to Earth to be. Pour every ounce of unconditional love on the situation before you, and on everyone concerned — especially those who need to see the Light. Please put on this mantle of commitment as your sacred calling.This is a time to discern and confirm your purpose in life. No matter what form it takes, this Blessing Way is the heart of it. Be Love in all you do. Shower all with Love.
On a personal scale, you can practice being a healer and teacher in your own life by finding even the smallest blessing in your life and magnifying it. If you have muscle pain, be grateful that you can walk; if you are lonely, offer yourself what you wish from others, and then give it to another lonely person. If your child is suffering, offer help on the physical plane to be sure, but first, envision them happy and healthy in your heart and mind’s eye. In other words, understand that you are powerful manifesters, and that what you focus upon adds to the energy. Let all seriously understand that the purpose of learning to instantly manifest in this new age is to embrace one’s power as a creator. So, create what you want to see more of. You can do it. It just takes practice. Commit to yourself in this way, and perhaps you will find another with whom to practice as well. Now, that would be a true Medicine relationship.
We, the Stone People are here to teach and guide. Watch for one of us to call out to you and then treat us like a trusted friend after asking permission to move us, and then leaving a gift. A hair, spit respectfully given, or tobacco if you are on that path are all good gifts.
You are celebrating a vortex of celestial events over the next few weeks. A solar eclipse took place on March 8/9th – perhaps a new beginning. The Equinox is now reverberating energetically along with Palm Sunday, and a few days hence, on the 23rd, a Full Moon Lunar eclipse will fall on the first night of Purim, a holy day of salvation. 2 days later, Good Friday precedes the Christian day of Resurrection – Easter Sunday. Even by itself eclipse energy wants you to change and make the leap to a higher calling. Combined with the energy of these other events, it’s a powerful time. Instead of resistance or fighting the end of something, focus on your purpose as a light worker, and also on creating what gives you joy.”
From Cie: I was asked to share with you my 2-fold practice for these times and for creating and healing. If you practice it daily, after a time, you will not only view life with more consciousness, but also feel yourself intrinsically belonging to Life, instead of feeling like a stranger in a strange land:
In each moment, find something for which to be grateful or to appreciate, remembering that but for Grace, things could always be so much worse, or you could have so much less. Just bask in gratitude for what you do have, and who you are in your deepest self — being completely present in that moment, that day.
And then, from a space of deepest blessing, pour unconditional love from your heart over a situation, persons, animals, the Earth — anything or anyone that needs healing – pour light. Open your crown, connecting with the angelic forces with the upper chakras, and allowing the energy of the Mother from below your feet to rise up through the lower (physical) chakras — meeting in your sacred heart — be the Blessing, the Initiation, the Force for Good.
Be blessed. Be the heart, the mind, the hands of Source. Create beauty on the Earth. You are wonder-full.
In kinship,
Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman