Dear Ones,
Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communication. The other morning as I was walking my dog, Ebbie I thought to ask Gabriel to help with the Solstice message, (I never have any idea ahead of time, what’s going to be written) but even after all these years of receiving these messages and the inspiration for them, I was surprised that instantaneously, I was made to look down at the dirt and rocks that my town’s highway department had just brought in to grade the road. I saw that a piece of granite had been crushed into pieces. Immediately, I felt its sense of being disassembled. Imagine how little, over the years, a rock will usually move, or be crushed. For a Stone person, moving is somewhat traumatic. When a stone calls to me to bring it home, I always leave a bit of my DNA as an offering for its gift. This time I left healing. Stones are totems too.
I thought, Wow Gabriel, thanks for helping me know what to write about – kind of. I knew there was more to the message. Then I saw a caterpillar that I thought might become a yellow swallowtail; it had been partially crushed into the soft dirt. Leaning down to get a better look, and see if it was alive, I felt it’s poor body move slightly, so I knew it was still alive. I have a soft spot in my heart for yellow swallowtails, as you may know from reading the Butterfly article in my book, Totems for Stewards of the Earth. Picking it up as gently as I possibly could, I asked that I might be a channel of healing for this little magnificent creation – a “hollow bone” that healing might flow through, as my Lakota friend, John Little Hawk would say. I cupped the caterpillar in my palm and worked on it all the way home, asking to be able to accept whatever was the highest healing for it, whether that be an easy death or recovery. When home, I placed it carefully at the base of a Grandmother maple under a green plant. A few days later, as I was wondering  whether my caterpillar friend had become part of the cycle of existence for ants or a bird, a beautiful yellow swallowtail floated through the yard, dipping and floating, until it landed on the honeysuckle vine draped over the trellis. I felt all was well, and was at peace. Butterflies, after all, are about lightening up the heart.
So then I knew what this message was really about. The Creative Force moves through ALL of us. Each creation is an expression of Unconditional Love. Can we really be so presumptuous as to assume that to the Source of All Things, one creation is of more value than another? Would That which created us have done so if we weren’t loved? And who is “US?” Does “US” segregate some creations and not others?
Whether we are straight, gay or celibate, a rock, a butterfly or a dog, we are loved just the way we are. SO IS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING by That which created it. us. them. If we can let ourselves feel the truth that we are all ONE, and what we do to, or for, any of the Mother’s creatures (including humans), we do to or for ourselves, then we go a long way toward creating a better Earth. Why? Because what our brothers or sisters do or what they are, does not threaten us. For the most part, it’s none of our business. There is room for diversity in all Life, as long as no one is trying to force anyone to their Way.
In the deep past, plants or animals would present their lives as a giveaway to humans, or other animals when the need was strong. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take a life from the plant, animal or mineral kingdoms, but never thoughtlessly or from rage. Yes, even plants and minerals feel. My former wilderness teacher, Tom Brown Jr. said that when he was learning from his teacher, the Apache elder Stalking Wolf, he became so sensitive that he could hear a plant scream if it was pulled out of the ground. Even vegans unintentionally kill. When we mow the lawn or walk down a dirt road, we become inadvertent killers. But what we can do is try not to intentionally hurt others. There could be safety for all, if intolerance and self-righteousness were replaced with respect and reverence for all life. There is freedom and wisdom in the old expression, “Live and let live.”
Ah, if only we would give to our own lives and belief systems, the attention that we give to everyone else’s. RESPECT. REVERENCEfor all Life, REJOICING in ourselves and others – the three R’s. We have so much ability to do so much good. The more we are willing to be of service, the more occasions to help others will be put in front of us. Take a tip from the dozen comfort dogs who are in Orlando Florida now, giving comfort, and unconditional love to victims of the massacre and the loved ones of those who were killed. Are those dogs lesser life forms? I think not, and I surmise, neither do you. So thank you, blessed ones for all you give, and may the Power of Love and Creation give you the capacity for giving yourself and others – all beings – even more.
Just think, someday when the veils of illusion are lifted from our sight, and we can see the Truth of how things really are, we will live blissfully in Respect & Reverence, Rejoicing in the communion of all Life.
HAPPY FULL MOON SOLSTICE, Monday, June 20th 6:34 p.m. EDT
and Happy Father’s Day to all the men who have raised their children to love, honor, and respect all life.
Blessed Be,
Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman