2016 Spring Equinox Message

Deer Hearts,   Walking Ebony down her favorite dead end dirt road, I spied a chunk of pink granite sticking out of the dirt. Knowing that it had been shipped in from afar to repair the road after the winter storms, I did not feel badly about picking it up, after leaving a gift. I [...]

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2015 Summer Solstice Greeting

Deer-est Hearts, The message of this Summer Solstice is to UNITE. Can you feel the meaning of this word? Unite means to join, to wed, to yoke or bond - to become as One. What is it that would benefit from unification? Ultimately, self-realization is the joining of our mind, body and spirit — one Force in [...]

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2015 Spring Equinox Greeting

DRUMMING OUT THE LAST OF WINTER We humans are still in the cusp of winter and spring, but in the natural world, spring has been coming on strong, underneath the ice and snow in New England and most of the eastern seaboard.  The signs of spring are everywhere. It began for me in the middle [...]

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2015 Autumn Equinox Greeting

Deer Hearts, In 1963 Bob Dylan wrote, “The Times, They Are A-Changing” and the lyrics are still relevant. Indeed, we live in changing times. Weather and climate is changing everywhere on the planet; governments and economic systems are shifting; technology is changing so rapidly, many folks have a time keeping up. If the circumstances of [...]

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2014 Winter Solstice: What do We Really Know About Love

            Have you ever been the recipient of truly unconditional love? Did someone love you that way when you were growing up? Did you bask in the security and safety of that love? Has an animal loved you so much, that you became partners in life? Have you been one of the fortunate ones whose [...]

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2014 Autumn Equinox Greeting

Autumn on the River Autumn Equinox 2014  Deer Hearts,  Do you remember the moments of Love in your life: the grace of someone accepting you wholly; the purity of a baby; the exquisite companionship of a four-legged cuddling up to you?  Those are the moments when perhaps, you realized that the entire purpose [...]

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