Precious Deer Hearts,

As always, before the Solstice and Equinox messages come, I can’t imagine that there’s anything to say. But my A-team always comes through, collaborating with me, which is a testament to you; for if the Medicine were not wanted, it would not be wasted in a message.
A few days ago, in the hour before I had to get up, the Solstice message below came. It came through as a kind of prayer, though not to any deity, but to the Spirit of Life we all belong to and are loved by.
I felt hopeful and thrilled by its tone, because it reminds us that we’re in the driver’s seat related to our personal and communal well-being, no matter what else is happening in the world. So, even in these tremulous times, we do not have to be impotent. Rather, let us move forward with empowerment. My desire is that you are encouraged and supported on your life path to love more, to laugh more, and to give more.
If you wish to share this message, I ask only that you do so in its entirety, or you can direct people to my work page on FB (address below), where it will also be posted.
Blessings on this pivotal Solstice and Christmas Season, or for those who celebrate it, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa
With great love,
Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman
a kind of prayer
Let us remember that we have been created with the best inherent gift possible – the ability to magnetize to ourselves that which we desire, if we will choose the vibration of that which is wanted. Reveling in it; playing in it. Giving thanks that we are already in the midst of it.
Instead of slipping and sliding into the past or the future, may we be totally alive in the moment we are in. One way to do that is to carefully OBSERVE what is around us  – using our senses – of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing to sense the deeper reality of our environment.
May we be open to seeing and feeling majesty, glory, and beauty in the smallest of everyday miracles: the opening of a leaf, the progress of an insect across a flower, water sliding over stones, a tender breeze on an otherwise still day, digestion, hearts that beat every moment of our lives, a kiss given or received, sunlight through a spider’s web, the guidance from dreams, walking, seeing, touching, feeling Grandfather Sun on our bodies, playing in the snow, the silver light of Grandmother Moon.
May we realize that what we do either for or against the Earth affects weather patterns, because the Earth is alive.
May we be open to inspiration, imagination, and creativity, thereby becoming a Maker of beautiful things: words, objects, art, love …
May we be grateful for the ability to think, plan and organize, and may we always use these abilities for the greater good, protecting all life, this beautiful planet, and future generations.
Whether laughing or crying, may our hearts be open to loving ourselves and others.
May we value and practice kindness, compassion, and forgiveness for all creatures, starting with ourselves.
As we stand for the good, the true and the beautiful, may we be FOR something, instead of against.
May we so value our own happiness, we would never think of limiting the happiness of others.
May we treasure precious moments with members of our FAMILY, and those we call FRIEND.
May we love one another unconditionally. May we preserve and protect the lives of even the smallest creatures, understanding that size is not a determinant of value.
May we realize and utilize all the help the Universe and our allies (totems, angels, guides, those who have mastered the secrets of life) have to offer, thereby forming a holy alliance… and then using the power of the resulting blessing to spread and disperse that blessing to all others … people, animals, the plant and mineral kingdoms, and worlds beyond. May we rest in the security that we are not alone.
For these things, we send a voice, that all may be blessed and thrive.
A-Ho, Amen, Aum-Ho