Dear Ones,

The secret to a happy, healthy life is deep relaxation of the body and joyous lifting of the Spirit, resulting in experiences that make us more connected with ourselves, Life, and Spirit.

But what happens when we’ve lost our joie de vivre and life’s difficulties and disappointments pile on, one after the other?

If you are having a life or health crisis, faith crisis, or dark night of the soul, you may be unable to lift yourself out of an abysmal place, even though desire to do so may be strong. You may have tried to find joy in the little things and in being thankful for the blessings you do have. Despite your best efforts however, you may want a spiritual ability, connection or assurance that you just can’t reach, and so you are left “wanting” no matter how much you try to shift into a better space.

It might be time to put your creative energies into imagining, describing and creating a scenario, or work of art that depicts life as you would wish it to be. To do this, you must suspend judgment as to whether or not this world of yours is possible, practical or even viable. That’s not the point, and it’s impossible to determine. The point is that your energy is immersed in living feelings that feel good, possible, creative. That affects everything else.

To manifest something different from what you’ve been experiencing you have to be able to imagine it. Have fun with it. Don’t worry how “real” it is. What’s important are the feelings and rejuvenation doing it creates in you. Really go for it, imagining things you’ve always been told will never happen, or you can’t have, or that something is not possible. Build in a deeper connection with the Earth, taking great joy in the processes and interdependence with Nature. Strengthen your relationship with the animal kingdom, for example – one where you can communicate back and forth freely. Create a world where you know and love yourself more deeply than ever – so much so that even if you had no one else to love you, you could have a beautiful life just from loving yourself and all who cross your path – a life where many, many beings on this, and the other side are supporting you, guiding you, and cheering you on.

Most people would use words; however, some might sculpt, paint or compose this world I’d like to suggest a title for: My Beautiful Life.

Below are just a few notes I wrote in the story outline of my “beautiful life story.” I’m sure you have your own ideas of what would constitute a beautiful life for you, and if you haven’t yet, this might be just the thing. After you’ve created your new story, dwell in its energy as often as you can.

When there is a conflict, the whole community hears each person until it is resolved.

A person is restored to their connection with Source, not by belittling them or by punishing them, or by being disgusted with them.

Through love and appreciation members of society are returned to their true selves, for if society does not have a way of returning them to love, they will always be a problem to society.

People sing and dance all the time. They hear music in all life forms.

All go periodically to places of regeneration, healing and retreat. It’s built into the culture.

Business success is based on how much good and benefit is provided to the consumer and to the Earth. Equal time and importance is given to creative energy, movement, and “daydream” time, as to more academic subjects in schools.

Everyone does work for which they are suited.

Farming is done in cooperation with the devas of the land, plants and animals.

They treat animals with great love, adjust habitat for them, so all can live together.

Because all live in harmony with Nature, imbalances like lyme disease, plagues, and earth changes are not necessary for the Mother to balance herself.

            If you wish to share your new story of your beautiful life with me, mail me a copy. I will put it on my altar to exponentially increase your story’s power until the summer solstice, when I will burn them in a sacred fire to release the energies inherent in your creation. 

            After I finished the above message I went in to ask if any member of the animal kingdom had a message for you. Elephant came forward. Actually, the whole nation came forward, with a spokes-animal??

When I finished, I received the email below. I am forwarding it to you so that you may read the facts of the situation elephants are facing in the world. If you wish to contribute, all the better, but that is not my purpose for including it. In any case, you can do something energetically for elephants and other wildlife, by seeing them living natural life, happy, free and healthy lives.

The joke on me is that when I went to make a contribution, I had planned on making a much smaller one than went through. I guess there are no free (transmission) rides in the devic kingdom!

In kinship I offer blessing and love,                                    Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman

            Here’s the message from the Elephant Nation:

             We are the heart of wisdom on this planet. My tribe has sacrificed itself so that you may see how you ignore the greater picture for a small piece of what you consider valuable or worth riches. Our numbers are much smaller because some humans think the price they will get for our ivory tusks will make them happy and secure, but all will be much poorer without our presence on this good earth.

            All is energy. Every species brings its own irreplaceable energy to enrich lives, and planetary well-being. When a species goes extinct, there is a break in the web of life. Your “things” will not secure your place in life or in death. Only knowing who you truly are, and expressing the love that you are, will expand your consciousness so that you may know the truth. If you had no theories, concepts, edifices or methods, you would still thrive and rejoice if you would love. For in love, you will find all meaning and your reason for living.                                                                                                                                                                         The Elephant People 

P.S. If you are making a contribution and my name automatically comes up, just delete it and put in your own info. Thank you for caring.