Deer Hearts,
The Autumn Equinox is 10:21 a.m. EDT, September 22, 2016
Cie Simurro~ Thunderbird Starwoman
So, how does it work when we say – we each create our own reality? If we’re experiencing dynamics, situations, or communications that we’re not happy with and want to change, how do we change that energy so that a new vibration can create a new manifestation?
It may seem obvious, but to experience life differently, something has to change. Easy to say, not always easy to do.
Has your energy level been lagging, or is your predominant, everyday thought process full of resentment and discontent? Have you been hurt or betrayed by another, but haven’t yet found a way to forgive? That lack of forgiveness thing is a double-edged sword, by the way. One side of the blade cuts the self who is angry, whether or not he or she did something “wrong”. So first, forgiveness is for oneself. The more we’re in denial about attracting particular energies towards ourselves because of the signature of their vibratory pattern (and this happens whether we overtly make a choice that creates the pattern, or it was done to us and we haven’t healed it yet), the more similar experiences come in, pushing us to change that vibrational pattern. When we’re really, really tired of experiencing the same thing over and over, we usually initiate something different, in order to find a way to resolve the pattern – or else we continue to suffer.
The other side of the sword’s blade slices into the long-standing pattern between you and the other person. How long will you hold unforgiveness in your heart toward this person or situation? As an example, take being in a relationship where you have been rejected or your trust in another betrayed. Or maybe it just petered out. Any of those situations might make a person step back, and close one’s heart a little – or a lot. A defensiveness arises, persuading you that you must protect yourself from that ever happening again. So you muster on with your life, putting up walls, trying to find some joie de vivre, and even exploring new avenues of satisfaction – but always, there’s that holding back, and nothing really can touch you deeply, and make you feel real joy, never mind ecstasy. Nothing really different can come in that has a higher vibration, because it doesn’t match yours, and like attracts like. And you don’t even know anymore what to do about it because it’s not about doing. It’s about feeling, truly forgiving yourself and the other person, and moving on.
Maybe you ask your totem allies, your guides, favorite angels or masters for help, because you just don’t know what to do anymore. You turn it over. Apparently your plea for help is heard because one day, something or someone comes along that you can’t turn away from, and despite your ego warning you not to engage because you’re bound to get hurt again, you open your heart a little. Well, it’s hard to keep the door open just a little; it has a tendency to open wider and wider. You begin to notice that you are engaging more fully with life – are shocked maybe, that your energy level and vibration were so low for so long. You feel renewed and hopeful again about life.
Then BAM! It happens again. Yikes! “Why” you cry out. “Why me; why again?” Perhaps the more relevant question is – are you going to realize that the gifts that you had given and received from the situation, circumstance, or person are yours to keep, and even increase, or are you going to be a victim again?
What we can do is be grateful for what was given and seen, and really know that if we keep our beautiful, tender hearts open to life and love, that we surely will attract more life-affirming experiences. If we’re being honest, even the preliminary experiences have given us gifts or else had a silver lining. And they led us to the NOW, where all opportunity resides.
Now, back to forgiveness. Can you see how the other person or persons were probably acting as a result of their own closed hearts? A heart closed and resentful for a long time can do terrible things on the earth. Only compassion and forgiveness can redeem a soul mired in anger and hatred. Returning anger, hatred, and hurt only produces more of the same. To be a blessing instead, to yourself and all beings on the earth, vow to be the most loving, kind, and compassionate person you can be. You’ll enjoy your life more, have more fun, and be happier.
You can be a person who anchors love on the planet. It’s contagious – and it’s inevitable. Be the first wave.
In kinship,
Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman