IMG_1218            Have you ever been the recipient of truly unconditional love? Did someone love you that way when you were growing up? Did you bask in the security and safety of that love? Has an animal loved you so much, that you became partners in life? Have you been one of the fortunate ones whose mate loved you purely, selflessly? Does or did a child love you?

             Even if you have not received that love, you are not forsaken, because the greatest place that love exists is within you. No really! Have you ever loved a child so completely that he or she became your teacher of love, stretching you beyond your normal capacity for giving or what you thought was possible to give or be – eliciting the most selfless effort and care? Have you ever lain on the ground with your back against a tree and let the sweet song of the earth run through you. Or allowed the majesty of a river, canyon or sunset to bring you to ecstasy? Have you loved an animal companion with all your heart? Do you love your family? Have you loved a partner or mate so much that you dropped your guard and truly gave yourself to him or her? If you eventually separated, did your heart break open wider so that you could learn to love even more?

            What about yourself? Do you love your creative efforts, your willingness to learn, research, and study? Do you love yourself for the artistry of your life whether it be a book, painting, musical composition, cooking or craft? Do you love even the traits you don’t like? Do you love your body – accepting it as it is, healing it, toning it, taking care of it the best you can; letting go of things that harm it?

             Do you nourish your spirit, giving time and energy to the desires of your soul – its need to express itself and grow in understanding? Have you searched for that which people call God, Goddess, Source, the Prime Mover, Creator, All That Is, that Creative Force that is in all Creation? Do you love It and want to feel It’s love?

             Do you treat all beings and creatures the best you can with your love, knowing each is an expression of the Creative Force and perfect in its own nature? Are you able to give to yourself and others the Love that is your heart, your mind, your soul – that lives within you to be acknowledged, magnified, enjoyed and shared?

             There are really serious things going on in the world right now (as we make a quantum leap to Ascension) that might plunge us into despair, if we don’t stay in that love for ourselves, our neighbors, the creatures with whom we share the Earth, and the Earth herself. The eternal partner of Love is Light. We don’t have to be impotent about travesties, chaos or atrocities that we hear about. We have the power to direct the Forces of Light to help stabilize or remedy situations. Energy is real. Our power as healers requires that we have the intention, take the initiative to direct the power, and then partner with the Forces of Light within ourselves and with our allies in spirit, to bring harmony, healing, and protection to places of turmoil, creatures who are suffering, and our own home, family and others close to us.

             Part of living a life of love is to realize that we are never alone. Even if we live alone, feel lonely, or are isolated, there are always allies, angels, totems, guides, masters, and the Creative Force itself that are available to us if we use our free will to ask for it. Not as victims or helpless sycophants, but as creators in the making consciously exercising those powers as our birthright. Many find solace in Nature. Be outdoors or wrap your hands around a house plant and feel its life force. Nature is everywhere.

      Want more brainpower, initiative or a new perspective – want to open more to love? Whatever it is you want to grow in, try creating a simple ritual: make an altar, add light, water or a crystal, and something of earth. Cleanse the space with cedar, sage or an essential oil that does purification and promotes letting go. Then put your heart on the altar, meaning – speak sincerely and from your purest heart, asking for what you desire, and are trying to achieve or accomplish for your highest good and for all concerned. Close with gratitude and be curiously expectant for possibilities to show up that you can jump on; openings to promote that desire.

             Practice Love. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Besides, it’s who we are. On this Solstice, let us heal divisions and separations in relationships, replacing such ego promptings with Love. Ask, “What would Love do?” instead. Apply it to the situations you’ve created or stepped into, that may feel nightmare-ish. Love, nourish and support yourself through them because you are overcoming your fears and past karma, while learning to be a Creator.

            May the love of all creation surround and embrace you.

            May you give, receive, and allow Love into your life this Solstice, Christmas, Hannukah or whatever Holyday you celebrate. Just celebrate!

Ebbie and I send you Love,

Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman