> Let’s talk about Love. Is there anything better than love? We are the heart, the hands, the mind and the soul of Love. WE ARE! The sooner we embrace that, know it, and live it, the sooner our lives fill with Love and Beauty… the sooner we fulfill our purpose – to love Ourselves and all Life. From that comes all else. Just like every other decision we’ve ever made, this too is a decision, a commitment, a dedication, that will manifest in whatever forms are suitable to our own unique destinies. That’s why we must love whatever comes before us. This is even the best way to change something. Love it, so the bond of dislike or hatred dissipates; has nothing to hold onto. There isn’t one of us that can’t Be Big, Beautiful, Bodhisattva Love Every one of us can Be B.B.B. Love Can give B.B.B. Love Exult in triple B. Love If you don’t believe me, nestle down into your heart and pick out that time you exhibited glorious, unselfish, unconditional Love. Was it for a child, an animal, a true love, nature, humanity? Do you love the Mother and all her creations? Isn’t that pure Love? The Moody Blues got it when they sang, “All the love you’ve been giving has all been meant for you.” There are manifold opportunities to love each day; every moment we would be aware. Being grateful is one opportunity. So is choosing to be kind. Allowing ourselves to receive is another. We cannot always feel love, but we can always turn towards it, even if it’s just a smidgen more than where we were the moment before. We cannot always feel love, so it’s good to have a firm foundation of practicing Love/being present – being present for ourselves, which allows us to to be present for all else. How can we do that? We can use the ways of Nature to bring ourselves into the current moment: 1st: What do you observe with each of your senses around and in you at this very moment? 2nd: Can you accept yourself wholly, right in this current moment without judgement? 3rd: Can you recognize that your core energy is hooked up to that Source energy that is in everything? When you see your dog or cat staring happily into space, that’s what they’re doing – hooking into Source energy. We are not separate. What we do to and for others, we do to and for ourselves. I was having a conversation with my beloved daughter. We were talking about Love. This came up. What does every human being have in common, without exception? EVERYONE WANTS TO BE LOVED. Some receive it by giving it. Some can ask for it outright. Some harbor the desire secretly in their hearts. However wayward or misguided the expression of that desire may express itself, it is the underlying motivation to every action, yet it is usually the last thing we think to give ourselves; yet within that intimacy with ourselves is great power, which blesses others. Even when love gets convoluted, the basic desire is present. Knowing that may help us to love generously. Let us cherish each other (including all of Nature) as we ourselves would be cherished. And if there’s no one else around to give love to us, let us give love to ourselves. For we must have a sense of the exquisite power of Love to infuse, distill, shift and bless everything. Then we can walk into the future unafraid with expanded awareness and capacity to enjoy life. This can take many forms: Art, Music, Serving, Receiving, Creating, Parenting But first we must decide to embody Love. Make it so. Dear Ones, decide today. Pour it on yourself. Direct it to others. See what living a path of Love produces in your Life. In Love & Kinship, Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman Blessed Solstice ~ Happy Hanukkah ~ Merry Christmas ~ Happy Kwanzaa However you celebrate this Season, have a Love Feast And by the way… In the spirit of this Season, I am having an Open House, Sunday, December 25th, from 2:00 – 6:00pm. If you don’t have family to celebrate with If for some reason you are not going to be with family If you find yourself alone on Christmas or just want to stop by – with or without your family I am reviving an old tradition of mine when I used to host Thanksgiving or Christmas for 25-30 people, including my family and everyone who had no other place to be could show up and share the joy, the food, and the merriment. Bring instruments to jam with and music/lyrics/CD’s (including the oldies) to sing, games, food. I will provide eggnog (dairy free) some wine, sparkling cider, chocolate, coffee & tea. Bring your favorite dish and drink. We’ll eat at 3:00 pm or stop by later with dessert to share. Call me for address and directions and to let me know you’re coming. You are welcome to share this with someone who needs it.