It’s spring when all things begin anew. If you were to begin again, how would you start? What would you do differently? Would you change your outer circumstances or would you pay attention to your inner landscape? Is there a younger self crying to be acknowledged and recognized in some way that didn’t happen in the past? In the world in which our Spirits exist there is no time, so right now we can comfort that younger self of any age. But we have to be willing to feel him or her in our bodies. The next time you are in an upsetting situation, ask yourself when you’ve felt like that before. What age? Can you give that younger self comfort and validation now? Bring her or him with you into your present life? Will you then name for yourself the way you are currently empowered, and can see the truth of who you are, that you couldn’t when you were younger? Create a new statement of truth and power. Changing outer circumstances happens best when prompted from inner shifts. Otherwise the pattern that caused the misalignment is still in place. Sometimes, all it takes is becoming aware of what we are feeling. Awareness itself may be sufficient to change the vibrational pattern. Another neglected helper in shifting old patterns is our bodies, if we can just listen to them. Our bodies are such great teachers, though often unappreciated. Pay attention to your reaction when you’ve been triggered, or the flush of pleasure you feel when things go your way, or the jerking back from displeasure. No matter what we look like, or how sick or challenged we are, there is always some aspect of our bodies to appreciate and celebrate. Change happens best through appreciation anyway. How do you feel when criticized and rejected? Eventually, our bodies have the last say, so it behooves us to be kind and complimentary to/with them. Speaking of appreciation and celebration – though the meaning of beautiful, mild early spring weather can be attributed to global warming, Mother Earth takes inspiration from us, as we are inspired by her. Any act of appreciation or celebration helps her to heal imbalances. It’s easy enough to be grateful for the beautiful things, the sweet, pleasure-producing ones. However, also being grateful for the things in our lives that force us to stretch and grow in patience, compassion and acceptance is another thing. Gratitude is a well-defined road to joy and abundance. Try walking in gratitude every day for the 3 months of spring, no matter what is put before you. Find even the smallest aspect to open up to. Let me know how your life has changed at the end of Spring. And don’t forget to express gratitude to others. Tired of being a victim? This spring is an excellent time to explore how each of us is the source of our own experience. The key is that our experiences reflect how we treat ourselves. That’s the secret to living a life of empowerment. If you were in love, how would you treat your beloved? Do that for yourself today. Fall in love with yourself. Sending you Love and Kinship, Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman One final note: This is the last opportunity to take my training, so if you have been saying, “I’ll take it next time” please know that I will be offering for the last time, the spiritual training: Keys to Spiritual Development: A Shamanic, LightWork & Sound and Earth Stewardship training, which will begin on Earth Day, April 22nd. If you are interested in being part of this journey into your deepest self, and being firmly on your path, please contact me right away.