A 2011 Autumn Equinox Message from Mother Earth through Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman “Who has held you in Love from your first breath, when you sucked Air in to fill your lungs. How many times have you been quenched and soothed by Water, warmed by the golden Sun, pillowed by the Earth beneath you? Who has sustained you with food and materials for clothing and shelter? Everything that is made by you is comprised of parts of my Body. In addition, I sustain you with beauty and the companionship of your fellow creatures. Where would you be without the comfort the animal beings provide – the endless variety of both green and flowering rooted ones – by remarkable shapes and colors? How do you feel when a bird soars overhead or thrills you with its song? When you spy a deer grazing – a magnificent galloping horse – a dolphin arcing – the dramatic beauty of an iridescent dragonfly? If you are willing to see Me in all this, you will feel my Love saturate your being. For you are part of Creation, and brother and sister to all the rest. All My gifts are your bounty, your harvest. Why not practice kindness? Seek out opportunities to make life easier, sweeter, more rewarding for all other creatures? When you look into the eyes of another – be it two-legged, four, or many-legged, swimming, slithering or flying – think, “What kindness may I give to this one?” Perhaps it is for you to save a wild one caught in the conflict between man’s expansion and their habitat. Or a healing hand for a broken wing. Sharing your food with your wild neighbors may bring you joy and peace. So will searching for natural products and peaceful solutions to conflicts of space and resources between species. Surely you may brighten a child’s day with your smile or a bit of your wisdom. Turn the face of that kindness toward yourself as well, giving approval and acceptance. The more acts of kindness you do, the more your heart will cry exultantly, ‘I am glad to be alive.’”