Winter Solstice Message Solstice occurs at 6:38 p.m. EST December 21st 2010 Transmitted through Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman From Divine Mother What is your relationship with me? Do you love me from the depths of your heart and body, knowing that I sustain you and all life? Do you realize the way you love me is the way you love those with whom you share your Earth walk? Do you respect me? Do you teach your children to walk carefully on Mother Earth’s body? Do they know her from their own experience, or do they only read about Nature in books and from media? Take your children into Nature so they may learn to love and respect all creation. Do you remember how you used to love to be in the forest and at the shore? Feeling life teeming in meadows, lakes and in the stark beauty of the desert? Remember how taking care of your pets taught you how to love? Find safe places your children can play outside, listening to birdsong and the wind in the trees. Take them camping and hiking. Point out to them the nature and behaviors of the animals, in order that they themselves may learn how to live. Inspire in them, the same great love and reverence that brought you to me, to be enfolded in my Essence. For there is no greater gift you can give to them than the experience of my love as shown through my creations. As Mother Earth moves and adjusts herself humans feel fear; however, it is imbalance she is adjusting. You can help by bringing your love forward, first in feeling, then in action. Does it seem insane to you that the very water and air needed for life are dumping grounds for waste and toxic substances? Do you care that polar bears are drowning? That animals born for slaughter are treated cruelly during their short, captive life span? If you feel your oneness with their lives, help them wherever and whenever you can. Perhaps in this time of great change, you will examine closely the way you live and see if it matches up with your deepest heart. Will you choose first what is most important and enduring to keep in your life and after that, release or share with others what remains? This life you have built so carefully – sometimes barricading yourself within – will not always stay the same. There is more and less to come. If you are not connected to your Source of Life, you will be in fear during change. Now is the time to be in touch with your soul essence, so you may know what to do at any given moment. You can do this by practicing awareness in every waking moment. Will you awaken to the importance of the precious beings in your life? Rather than experience regret, appreciate them now. Do not wait, occupying yourself solely with the necessary but meaningless details of living. Realize what is important, giving attention, honor and respect to it in the present moment. This moment open yourself to the life force all around you. I am present to you always, with an underlying order and perfection that can only be glimpsed by those in alignment with me. My children – quicken. Repeat not the mistakes of the past. For the children of the Earth, all is sacred and sustaining. It does not take all to change, in order for change to occur. For this solstice shift, push past your old limits. Let your hearts soften. Can you forsake rigid thinking and needing to be right, for the joy and freedom of “caring” about yourself and others non-judgmentally? Then all whose lives you touch, in all the kingdoms will benefit from your presence on Mother Earth. Move into unconditional relationship with your families, companions, community and the natural world. This is the time to mend fences. Forgive that you may be forgiven. As you have been told before; GREET AND THANK EVERYTHING, and your world will be a better place starting now, for the world each sees is an actualization of one’s thoughts. On the Solstice, when the darkest hour begins to shift back to more light, let the Love and Light that you are shine out brightly, unapologetic for being what it is – bringing clarity and illumination to who you truly are, what you see, and all you do. In Light and Love, Divine Mother