Deer Hearts, Greetings to you on this powerful Equinox. Grandmother Moon is extraordinarily luminous and resplendent this full moon. Let us greet her and thank her for her light and influence on us. As the Mother groans, shifts and shudders, planetary change becomes a constant. She must balance herself. As the last few messages I’ve transmitted have stressed, being conscious of our relationship with her, the directions, the elements and all creatures, as well as knowing ourselves as part of the web of life, must by its very essence produce reverence.This, and our gratitude produces healing. As we heal ourselves, there is less for the Mother to balance in an outer way in earth changes. It doesn’t even take everyone, only a quorum. Now is the time to become a steward of the earth. Let your love guide you in all the ways to express this love. Since love is the most powerful force, it is also the most powerful path. Instead of my usual transmission, this Equinox I am adding my own message to one from Tom Kenyon who channels the Hathors (Egyptian). Tom has been channeling those energies for a long time. I have always found information from this source to be grounded and creditable. If at first, the Egyptian references seem obscure or exotic to you, scroll down to Tom’s comments after the message. You will find an explanation of terms. For example, in ancient Egypt, the BA referred to the soul body. Tom’s message describes an empowered way to self-heal, especially in case of dire events. I would add one thing to the process. After you have experienced gratitude, raised the energy in the heart chakra and worked with the water, you can while the heart is still engaged, envision a brilliant white star, sending it to any place on the body that needs healing, but moreover to any one else or any place in the world that needs it. (like Japan or the Middle East). After 37 years of healing work, I can attest to the validity of the core process described therein. It is central to healing of every kind. I can also confirm the importance of gratitude for what we have in each moment, to build a stable foundation for our lives and to open the pathway to the heart. In February, my wrist broke. Right from the start, I was aware I could use this experience to become more adaptable as preparation for the times in which we live. Since then I have become more aware than ever how important it is to always be adaptable, inventive,resourceful, and grateful for what’s on the proverbial plate in front of us. That deep appreciation catalyzes the open heart that brings what we need. Our lives can change in a second as life changed for Japan. In the shifting that change brings, we can stabilize by giving, and through service and community. I’ve been amazed by what my body can do, not normally called upon – teeth, elbows or hips, opening jars, squeezing toothpaste, washing dishes, carrying things, the hunt-and-peck method of typing, etc. It’s been enlightening – and humbling, having to ask for help – and gratifying having a community that often responds with rides or meals. Whether one understands things in terms of spirituality, physics or mindfulness – or the combination thereof, it is ultimately “us” who must assert our connection to life and to realize the Source that we were created from also gave us the birthright to keep creating and increasing Light in our lives and for others. I send you the returning Light I salute the Light in you I send you great Love