Fall Equinox 2010 Message From Mother Earth Gaia I call upon my Warriors of Light from all time to step forward now. If you have a passion for my impeccable and complex beauty; if you can appreciate the perfect order of my creations; the intertwining events and brilliant timing encasing and embracing all species; then you are the one to step forward. Model your life as an example of honoring me even if no one else around you does. If you love me, with what sensibility will you walk upon my skin? Will you care for the smallest of my creatures? Learn how to preserve my pristine beauty? Use my resources wisely, weighing the impact of their use on everything else and on your children’s children? Embrace the wildness that I have planted deep within all my creations? Humans have done violence to me and my innocent ones, because you have abandoned your true home – in your own bodies. From there, you could experience the magic and illumination of my nature. If you are willing to really see me from the center of your own body; feel all your feelings and stay in the moment you are in, then the change that you desire in the world will transpire. Transformation will occur within your own body, not despite it. Then you will feel at home upon me, and you will not trash your home or defile it with poisons, unnatural devices, destruction, and pollution from greed. You will use your creativity to create Paradise. That will cause reciprocal transformation in mine, for resonant energy cannot be denied. What will I do for you in return? Your efforts will inspire me to care ever more diligently for each and every creation upon my body, the Earth. Beloved children of my body, awaken now. We belong to each other. The call has come for your love to become activated. Make each day beautiful within and for yourself, and then toward others. Make each act, one of love. Set the example. All it takes is a quorum of you for change to occur. Abiding always, Your Mother Earth Gaia