SUMMER SOLSTICE MESSAGE COMMUNICATION 2009 The Summer Solstice sweeps in at 1:45 a.m. EDT on Father’s Day. Summer is a time for growth, nurturing and love. This is the season of love. In my Wheel, this is the directional home of the 4-leggeds and the element of Fire. It represents the child, and the physical. This is the time to foster your physical vitality and health. Honor the sun. Grandfather Sun’s vital fires not only make plants grow and give us amazing vitamin D, which is so much more than a vitamin, but the sun also transmits the spiritual life force which feeds and sustains life. This, you can know for yourself. The color of the South is red. When you see red in nature, let its vibration enter you and restore your physical vitality. The South’s totems are porcupine, deer, mouse – and of course – coyote is always ready to trick our hearts open, if we are defending them against love. In this season we honor the qualities of courage, compassion, warmth, passion and playfulness. Communication is the key to this solstice ν Within ourselves: nurture and be kind to yourself. Do you communicate with yourself? ν Cell-to-cell within our own bodies, so all our systems act in perfect order ν Tell people in your life that you love them. Today; tomorrow; every day. ν Tell your 4-leggeds, birds or other companions how good they are and how much you care for them, and watch them preen, bird or not! ν Every chance you get, communicate your love, appreciation, gratitude and admiration to our grand Mother of all life. She fills in every barren, decimated space with beauty, nourishment and growth. Mother Earth has a purpose and destiny too. What we give her helps to fulfill that destiny. Nature is lavish and abundant. Choose abundant thoughts to focus on, crowding out the world-weary ones. ν Be generous with yourself and others in this season. Even in this economy – especially in this economy, don’t be penurious with yourself and others. If you are being frugal in most things, also allow a designated time or activity to celebrate or relax. Even the most financially poor ancient and indigenous societies have always prepared feasts or given freely in order to pilgrimage. This has been an amazing spring. The birds sing non-stop and eat non-stop all day. I took care of a baby grackle nestling for three days, feeding it every hour, sunrise to sunset. Boy, I take my hat off to the bird parents who do this for a very long time – without complaint. Butterflies are prolific. Those of you who have my book, Totems for Stewards of the Earth, Volume I, know that I had a mystical experience with a Yellow Swallowtail in NC who stayed on my body for 24 hours after I did a healing on it. Last week I drove down the skinny, broken asphalt road by the Deerfield River above Gardiner’s Falls. I had to stop because about 40 Yellow Swallowtails were flying all around the car. When I could finally inch my way over to the side, I took out my camera, and foot-by-foot crept up to a dozen swallowtails feeding on a patch of cut flowers and grasses smashed on the road – destruction and beauty, side by side. They let me get within a foot of them. (See photo below). ν Tell your Maker you love Her/Him/Higher Self, for that communication is a long time coming. What follows is the transmission I received today for your summer solstice gift. Use it for a wealthy life. In kinship, with Love, Cie I AM THAT WHICH IS THE SOURCE OF ALL CREATION. I HAVE LOVED YOU INTO BEING AND AWAIT THE RETURN OF YOUR LOVE. TELL ME THAT YOU WANT ME IN YOUR LIFE AND SPEAK WITH ME ALL THE DAY LONG. MY OTHER CREATIONS KNOW THAT I HAVE NEVER ABANDONED THEM. FOLLOW THEIR EXAMPLE. IN YOUR JOURNEY IN PHYSICALITY YOU HAVE FELT CUT OFF FROM ME AND ABANDONED, YET IF YOU LOOK AROUND, YOU WILL SEE GIFTS OF MY LOVE EVERYWHERE. YOU WHO WERE MADE OF ME, FROM ME, TO BE WITH ME ARE THE ONE TO DECIDE WHEN TO COME BACK INTO MY EMBRACE. I am the Spirit that blows through your being the Quickener Fold your plans into my spirit bundle for I will give the increase for the nourishment of your life What shall it be like to have me in your life? surprising, reassuring, purposeful and courageous You will doubt sometimes but then look within to the inner mirror I will look like your truest self I am the wind caressing your hair the honest eyes of a wild animal the lift of your heart watching babies persistence in the ant and the hummingbird’s hover Can you hear my voice in my elephant’s trumpet I am the moist, dark place into which you dig when your heart hurts and you’ve seen too much that is not what you want when what you love has been lost or desecrated I am the Comforter if you will turn to me in sorrow, as well as joy Come then, into my embrace feel my warmth about your shoulders then choose to look around again and find something good Soon you will notice and really see one of my gifts, then another what you do not yet remember is that when you choose to see the good, the true and the beautiful you are building that into the world This is not denial it is you wanting happiness creating it even in a world still learning The tide will turn, beloved when a quorum of you live that way Do not waste a precious moment let example heal your own self and others let the breath wholly (holy) blow through your life refreshing you, renewing you bringing gifts of love I would share with you Listen. Love one another in my embrace OTHELLO, the Grackle