MESSAGE FROM MOTHER EARTH For the Fall Equinox September 22, 2009 WONDER FULL Beloved creations, my deer-hearted ones, beautiful beings: The most important moment in your life is the moment you are in. Whether or not you by-pass this opportunity for delight and pure experience depends upon your awareness of who you are in this moment. I am the essence of the Feminine, seeping into every opening, large or small, no matter how it is shaped. I meld with the masculine structures of your world, gentling them, softening their spire-like activity into ever-repeating cycles and patterns. If you wish to be part of the healing of my mountains, river valleys, oceans and creatures that is non-destructive, you must learn the first skill of all trackers, whether they be of paw prints or trackers of energy. OBSERVE. NOW. In this moment you are in, be aware. See further into the tree-line than you have done before. Open your eyes and heart, remembering that the best gift you can give me, the best healing is to let yourself see and feel all my wonders. The more you see, the more you will be filled with wonder. You are one of those wonders, for I am the Mother of all things. You do not have to improve yourself, act differently, or reach for enlightenment for this to happen. Become the one who is content in what she or he finds in this moment, letting yourself feel it deeply in your body relaxing you down to your cells, creating new sensations to replace your old feelings of inadequacy and guilt. Open up and observe the wonders around you. You may be watching the sun sparkle on a river, like diamonds on the water. You may be driving and see a groundhog on the side of the road, or a deer poised in an open field. Or you may have one flower on a tiny plant in a ghetto apartment. Whichever is your current experience, observe it intensely, making the most of it. For there are universes of wonder in that one flower, as there are within you. So, go explore the real, last frontier – yourself – without judgment or self-hatred. That is what you can do for Me to celebrate this Equinox. Feel my presence in your life daily. Feel my love and nourishment. Thrive, wishing all other creatures to thrive also. Give nurturing freely to yourself and others, thereby learning that there is no reason to hoard or climb over others to get yours. I am lavish abundance. Cherish what I give you for your sustenance. Teach your children to be thankful for what they have and I will continue to supply you with food, clothing and shelter. Most importantly, treat even the least of my creations as you yourself would like to be treated, for so shall it be. Be wonder-full! Blessed be!