VERNAL EQUINOX MESSAGE INVESTMENT from Thunderbird Starwoman Crystal deer hearts, There are possibilities for aid and renewal from this day forward that are to be answers to prayers that you have long felt unheard. What you did not realize with your 3D earth consciousness is that much was moving and making preparation for this Day of Joy to be met, as was arranged by you in your ancestorship long, long ago. So too, there are shifts you have been working hard to implement in yourself. Is it not true that as the very ground shifts around you, as your lifestyles change, that you are moving deeper into yourself – hunkering down, one might say, in a very real way to the greater reality of your Self, which is so much less limited than you had heretofore realized. The Golden Key, you may have discovered is to find within yourself, the Godness you tend to seek, from everything outside yourself. It is well to recognize the essence of God in everything and everyone; yet, not instead of Self. Also, have you not been working hard to keep in your mind and heart, the most beautiful and uplifting things and thoughts that you can possibly steer your mind and feelings toward, as often during the day as you can; thereby, realizing what it really means to co-create. As your vibration changes and refines from doing this, do you not also begin to see that who you are, or wish to be is a tensile balance of accepting yourself as you are right now; and then also making a decision (for it is truly yours to decide this), to unshackle yourself from limitations that have held you back for so long. Because of all this heart-felt work that we all have been doing as a race – and because we are meeting the release of codes secured long ago for this very day – and the days that follow (at least 3 weeks), it is now possible for rifts between human factions to heal. It is now possible for rifts between the human world and the animal world to heal. Invest your energy in the new world, and your rejuvenated self. It is truly meant for you to heal and save yourself, so that you may become a sovereign being, and yet it is also meant for you to be aided in this by all your allies in the spirit and extra-terrestrial world: Godness Itself, Angels, Great Ones, Masters, Totems, the Elements and Directions. There is also an opening for connection to the Refined Ones of other worlds in our galaxy and beyond. Attune to the highest vibration, and there will be no fear of lower-vibration entities gaining a foothold. Indeed, it is for us to usher in an abundant garden that offers the scent and trace memory of happiness as a deep way of being. Be blessed, and bless: your food, your livelihood, each other, air, fire, water and earth, your lessons, gifts … etc. Open the door to grace. Be it, give it, receive it. Take heart. There are gifts. The totems of the East bless you. Ask Eagle to show you your magnificence. Ask for help in tough times. Hawk will carry you to healing, and deliver messages of good cheer. In Butterfly’s stages of transformation, you have a template for your own stages of change. The Vernal Equinox is 7:44 EDT, March 20th, 2009. Seven is human and material matter united in a mystical union. Forty-four is the overall number of mastery – body, mind and spirit. If you are on the West coast, the Equinox is at 4:44. Four adds the Earth and stability vibration. Take heart, dear ones. The long tentacles of darkness begin to lift from around your heart. Renew today. Spring comes on again, bringing new life. Love yourself and one another unconditionally. Aum – Ho! Thunderbird Starwoman I have attached an Equinox Exercise from Archangel Metatron. If you wish to see the entire message, please go to Archangel Metatron is channeled here by James Tyberonn. There is much about pyramidal grids.