A SUMMER SOLSTICE MESSAGE from MOTHER EARTH LETTING GO There comes a season when every mother must make her children go out on their own to have strengthening, enlightening experiences in order that they might individuate, eventually returning home to the mother by choice and love. We have entered such a time, my children. You are now meant to fully actuate the divine within yourself; pull into and rely on the wisdom and love within to guide you in times ahead. Where do you look for your authority? If you ever will be able to discern the authentic from the ego-driven, you must be guided from your higher self. You have been given all that you need to do so. Now trust it. Like a fledgling, nothing but the experience of flying solo will suffice. Yet you are not alone. In communion within, you will find yourself part of the One. You will find that you belong. Though you might wish for someone to lead you, it will be in diving deeply into your loneliness that you will find the Godness that no one can shake or take from you. It is time for you to take your first independent steps toward me. Give what you have received. Care for the kingdoms that cross your path. Accept responsibility toward the animal, avian, and insect world; the plant and mineral kingdoms. Advocate for the forests and individual trees who have given so much to you. What is your relationship with the elements that make up your very body. What is your relationship with your food? Do you savor and integrate every bite of the lives that have been given so that you may live and thrive? Be steadfast in supporting yourself, though perhaps others do not understand or bolster you. Believe in yourself. Accept your own self, and compassion for all others will follow. Empty the chalice and be willing to stay open until new gifts fill your bowl. Let the golden rays of the Sun reach into your heart with gifts priceless and rare. Unburden yourself of all the worldly goods you no longer have need of, or whatever you do not love. Trust that your cup will refill with all that is desirable for a steward of the Earth. This next season, examine your goals, release things from your homes, and vehicles. Pay attention to where you invest your time, energy, and money. Invest yourself in the world as you want it to be. As it can be. Make space for a richer life … one based on your dreams. Sing your hearts out for me and for what you love this solstice. Sing your own hearts into their crystal fullness. Be kind to yourself and one another. Love. beautiful der/satoyr Beautiful Deer Hearts, Happy Solstice. Celebrate whatever parts of your life you are able to magnify. Be blessed. My sister friends Jewell and Joan Bredin Price journeyed for the Solstice ceremony below. It fit so well with the transmission I got from Mother Earth that I got their permission to share it with you this Solstice (June 20th at 7:59 pm EDT). In the morning, fill a chalice or crystal goblet with pure water and a piece of gold. Leave it for 3 days. At the end of 3 days, prepare to become the chalice. Wear something ceremonial, and after removing the gold piece, drink the water in a ceremonial way. If you make a fire, surround it with yellow corn meal. Receive “the gold” on all levels. Individually, we are meant to encourage each other to develop our individual gifts. Bring it up a notch! bythewydoyouhave That’s it, loved ones. By the way, the sand in Virginia Beach has gold in it. Doing a sand pack draws out the impurities in the body. You can actually see the black lines on top of the skin afterward. Edgar Cayce has more to say on the vibration of gold. Certainly, it is key in alchemical transformation. Thunder and I send love, Cie