AN EQUINOX MESSAGE AUTUMN 2008 given through Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman The theme for this Equinox is to GREET ALL THE ENERGIES WITH WHICH YOU INTERACT EACH DAY + BLESS ALL WITH WHOM YOU COME INTO CONTACT I am being urged by the Spirit Keepers of the West to offer the following message: “We, the cardinal Direction of the West, the Element of Water, and the Totems and Teachers of the West, ask of you for the next season (3 months): To contain your water in some way for a time that you may bless it and appreciate it, before using it. You may surround the water with your hands and pray over it. Some will choose to write out their love and appreciation and intentions regarding the purity of the water and place it under the container for a time. Even others may place the container filled with water, under a pyramid or some other geometric shape for the benefits of the way energy may travel through such shapes. Use the means you have at hand. You may connect deeply in this same manner, with your food, tools and the other elements (Earth, Fire (Sun) and Air). Brown Bear is a totem of the West, who is the embodiment of power. This cousin or kin of ours wishes us to take a strong quality we possess – a strength – and develop it further in the next months. Run with it. Take greater accountability for your talent and feel free to dedicate it during this time for the good of all, if you are so inspired. The Teachers carrying assistance from Star Nations – Whale and Dolphin – ask you to choose something emotional in yourself that you would like to heal during this next time period. Ask for guidance and assistance from the Teachers of Star Nations, and then in this one area, focus only on the positive of the situation. If any negatives about it pop up, thank them gently for their input and turn back to the positive you have outlined before you, clinging only to that. For example, if you tend toward worry or fear, decide what your life would be like if one or the other of them were replaced by your heart’s desire in this area. Let yourself feel it in your body, write down how you would be, related to whatever you have chosen, be it happy, peaceful, confident, connected to your Godself, etc. Choose what you want. Intend for it to be so. Let yourself Desire it with all your heart, and Strive for it without struggle. Affirm that you can have this, no matter what appearances portray. Give offerings to the water frequently. Do what you can for the 4-leggeds, those who fly, swim, crawl and other two-leggeds. For this is the time to really get real, to love self and all your brethren as yourself. AUM HO As I finished this, raven just flew by and sealed it with his throaty caw. Great love from Cie and Thunder