EARTH DAY MESSAGES Wow! Here in western Massachusetts we have had almost a week of waking up to sunshine and bird song, as well as going to sleep to the mating calls of the peepers (frogs) in every makeshift pool of water. Every being iin the natural world seems busy making nests, getting food (they’re voracious after the hard winter), growing or just shining. It is a great resurgence of life. This renewal is a great gift from our Mother. On Earth day, let us take time to think about our relationship with Her. Earth Day is a good day to grow into our power of creation. Let our prayer be a statement in the present tense. Recently I received an email from Linda Pannell of Conscious Alliances, which hosts teleseminars. She has agreed to share her heart about what Gregg Braden calls the power of 8000 people: With the vibration emanating from my heart–my unique heart signature ™–I touch the ends of the universe within this pure consciousness, this living Web of Life. In fact, I am this web of life that responds unerringly to the feeling of completion–not a searching, yearning, wanting, or waiting but rather to the feeling that it as “already accomplished”. Gregg Braden says it takes only 8000 people in unified alignment with this “already-done” feeling to change our planet. While not surprising, it is fascinatingly doable. The Earth is alive, dancing, moving. Her pulsating heartbeat matches the vibration of ours. She is waiting for us to join her dance. The birth of a baby, a ray of sun; starlight; a baby’s breath; healing cancer, healing the heart, moving mountains; peace, joy, love; pure rivers, pure rain, pure oceans; every child is safe and happy; every dolphin, whale, and sentient being is nurtured and honored; every heart is open; rainforests have been restored; our Earth is restored to her lush, pristine beauty and radiant health; masculine and feminine are balanced. –all miracles, all the same, all a shift in perception, all trust. Thanks Linda. Each of us is part of the Earth – in fact, a creator of Earth. So, for Earth Day, how’s about giving our beloved Mama our dreams and wishes for the most beautiful Earth environment we can imagine. On the inside back cover of my book, Totems for Stewards of the Earth, Owl is looking at us asking, Why Not? DARE TO DREAM THE WORLD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN. Here’s mine: I see that people have discovered the secret of happiness, and how to overcome sickness by truly experiencing ourselves as being able to have the goodness we want. If you are like me, very earthy, the reality right in front of you is probably pretty compelling, and you may not quite believe you can have what you really want. Just for now (and more later if you want), try replacing feelings of despair, hopelessness, and negativity with thoughts and words of power. If we’re busy contributing by this playful envisioning of “what if”, there won’t be much energy left over for hopeless thinking. Do it for the Mother – just for one day. Listen to our friend, singer/songwriter Don Henley: How bad do you want it? You put a hold on happiness – a day, a week, a year. You’ve got to bring something to this party boy, if you party here! On with my dream: I see all beings treating each other with kindness and respect and getting excited about creating greater and greater acts of compassion and love for all. I see humans being able to communicate with all the kingdoms and truly becoming what we were created to be – determiners fo the other kingdoms – stewards of power and all the Mother’s gifts. I see each individual being cherished for their unique abilities which are fostered from infacy and offered to the greater community so that everyone enjoys their work. Creativity is used to develop things that make life on Earth better for everyone. I see humans living in harmony with their environments and all policy and industry being ever more creative about the “greening” of the Earth. Thousands of inventions pour forth to clean up and keep the environment clean. Those who The plant people replace all poisonous chemicals. All weapons of destruction are relinquished. I see that finally the rest of the Universe can communicate with us because we’ve matured! Finally we realize everything affects everything else. Message from Mother Earth By my very nature, I am unable to do anything but foster growth. The proliferation of life is my business. This is all-pervasive, for wherever there is an energetic opening, for beauty and growth, I am there fostering, tendering. Loving. It is not an action or an effort. It is the “ness” of beingness. That is why, despite all the things that have been done unto me, I am still well. I am still existing in perfection. I am still able where there is possibility and pure intention to create food to create life, to continue the processes that have been created from the beginning. Even geologically, there are rounds within rounds, within rounds, within rounds, within rounds of creation that you are not sensitive to. Begin to open my children, to the power that is yours. Let us work together. If you dare to dream, be in the fullness of my nature, the returning gift – can you see it – you will come into your true nature. You are meant to be a creator as well. Can you see it? Can you dream it? Can you do it?