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Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman

After centuries of mythic tales and legends portraying them as malicious, vicious, and gluttonous, wolverines are frequently shot on sight. This attitude has extended so far that even the species name (Gulo gulo) means glutton in Latin. Because of its reputation, they have been ruthlessly persecuted, which is part of why they have become a rare species, and have disappeared in much of their southern and eastern ranges.

Trappers shoot, poison, and ambush wolverines because they’re smart enough and audacious enough to sniff out and consume meat set out along traplines. And then there’s the reason that other predators like wolves also have to deal with – they are often regarded by ranchers as a threat to livestock, as well as being in competition with human hunters for wild game. At least, that’s what ranchers will tell you, but it’s not entirely true. What’s true is that most wolverines have retreated into deep wilderness areas, and really haven’t been much of a threat to livestock since the late 1800’s.

The myth that wolverine is also a man-killer has no credence in fact. There are no verified reports of wolverines killing people. Yes, they are opportunistic and quick to learn, so they know that a man walking through the woods is going to leave food, and therefore, they will follow them, but it’s a big leap to saying they are man-hunters. Wolverines might even break into a trapper’s cabin, ripping open food stores and indulging themselves, but they’re too smart to mess with humans as prey.

They might even drag off some booty to store for future use, but again myths about wolverines are more frequently relayed to others as fact because it makes a better story, especially if you attach names to them like devil bears, or demons. After all, it makes a good tale with which to regale the folks back home and appear like an adventurer. In addition, because wolverines inhabit the cold, lonely, wild, northern wilderness, it has been difficult for naturalists to actually see a wolverine, never mind observe their behavior over time. So, there isn’t a lot of bona fide information to be had.

However, while writing this article I experienced a most fortunate and synchronous occurrence. I met two women riding their horses down my road. Not only did I get to nuzzle with their horses, but one of them also told me that she got to experience an extremely rare thing: while she was in Northern Alaska, she sighted a wolverine. Not many people do; even those scientists trying to study them as I’ve already mentioned. The chances of seeing a wolverine are slim because there are only remnants of them left, and because they don’t den around human settlements.

When animals and man are in conflict, the animal usually loses. Humans have changed natural environments and tried to tame the wilderness. Wolverine is very much an animal of the wilderness. There are, however, those who have been willing to separate fact from fiction, letting us see how remarkable wolverines really are. One of these is an Austrian named Peter Krott, who wrote a book entitled, Demon of the North (the title is tongue-in-cheek). He actually raised a half-dozen young wolverines during his study which transpired over some years, and during that time, each of them not only had the run of the house, and roamed freely on his property, but they also played with his infant son! And they travelled around the countryside with him and his family. Some of these wolverines either returned to the wild, or he placed them in zoos. Some remained living with his family; however, even the wolverines he’d raised who lived in the wild once they were grown would still occasionally return, just to visit with the family for awhile. Doesn’t sound like demons to me. What do you think?

The Grand Designer did not create the Earth and all creatures whimsically. Life supports life. Animals are to be communed with, not exploited. We need each and every species in balance for a stable Earth. We are already losing, or about to lose, a great many species if climate change persists – to our complete undoing. Every species has an effect on those above and below it on the food chain. Without the predator, there is a population explosion of the various prey. This has an effect on the prey’s food, whether it is plant, animal, fish, insect, etc. – which causes a cascade of effects on the environments we live in and around. This can cause wild swings in our ecosystems.

So, here we are – living in an ever-lengthening time when nothing is the same as it was before, and we all have to constantly make adjustments to survive. Wolverine teaches us to go after our goals with gusto, but that doesn’t include ego stuff like needing to be the head honcho, no matter what. It doesn’t include overpowering smaller nations. World powers have us teetering on the brink of war that could even include nuclear disaster. Some, like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, supported by China, have decided that this is the perfect time for aggression and violence on the Ukraine. But Russia is not doing this to survive. Unlike wolverine, they are doing it to dominate.

The United States, and other places in the world – but not to the same degree as America right now – is experiencing violence like we never have before on the general population. Not only have we lost so many loved ones to Covid and it’s mutations, but the numbers of mass shootings increases daily so atrociously that we can’t keep up with the numbers. Do we even let ourselves feel the pain of those who have lost innocent children and other loved ones? Do we ask ourselves what we each can do to bring more love and kindness into the Earth plane?

Wolverine Medicine graphically points out that we have decisions to make. Will we summon courage from the depths of our being, in the face of the adversity we are facing every day in these times? Everyone is having a tough time in one way or another. Will we show empathy toward our fellow beings? Will we allow ourselves to once again commune with Nature, so we can take care of the Great Mother of us all, without whom there is no survival for us or our fellow creatures? How we handle the challenges that are making our lives so complex and difficult is what Wolverine Medicine can help with, by fortifying us, and applying rational solutions to our problems.

Practices that help us maintain calm in the face of stress can also help. I’ve made a sign and posted it in my kitchen, reminding me do at least one of these things each day without fail: Sing – Dance – Read – Spend time in Nature – Do something that feels good.

Spend ten minutes imagining what it would feel like to be an animal like wolverine – to be super-sensitive to movement and sound – watching, and listening with stealth and caution – relishing your food. Or ten minutes communing with a plant.

And if you want to be a person who honors others, first honor thyself. To heal our anger, pain, and aggression, it is essential that we truly love ourselves – not wait for someone to love us instead of our own self. It’s great if others love us too, but that doesn’t take the place of self-love. To be effective in this, we must recognize that we are already merged with Source Energy. How can we then not love ourselves, for within us also are the Forces of Creation?

Are we going to act out our pain and anger, striking out, or are we going to realize that we are one with all life, letting ourselves act with compassion for our neighbors and other life forms? Will we give to others what we would wish for ourselves? Are we going to act, each day, with kindness and love, and send healing to those who are so damaged, they can no longer do these things for themselves or others?

We don’t need everyone to do this in order for things to change; we only need a quorum for humanity to evolve into the beings we were created to be. As Pink sings from, The Greatest Showman, “a million dreams is all it takes; a million dreams for the world we’re gonna make.” Yes, I know it doesn’t look like that, or seem possible, but we are Lightworkers who agreed to come into the Earth plane at this time to be part of the change that is happening beneath the surface. One drop of water, or one blade of grass doesn’t have power, but many of them together continually renew the planet. Wolverine Medicine is playing a very important role right now because we have to choose what we will align with vibrationally. So, again, Wolverine poses the question: How will you use your power? Will you choose to use it for good?

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