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WOLVERINE Part 2 of 2

WOLVERINE Part 2 of 2   by Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman After centuries of mythic tales and legends portraying them as malicious, vicious, and gluttonous, wolverines are frequently shot on sight. This attitude has extended so far that even the species name (Gulo gulo) means glutton in Latin. Because of its reputation, they [...]

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WOLVERINE Part 1 of 2

WOLVERINE Part 1 of 2 by Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman What does the world need now more than anything? Balance and sustainability. On the one hand, humans need to stand up for the environment and for justice for everyone. On the other hand, how that is done is of tantamount importance. I, Wolverine, tend [...]

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ALLIGATOR Part 2 of 2

ALLIGATOR Part 2 of 2 by Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman Where alligator populations are high, they can be heard bellowing up to a mile away, either in pairs, or hundreds of them on sunny spring mornings. It turns out that hitting B-flat on any musical instrument makes an alligator bellow! And if you thought [...]

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17-Year CICADA

17-Year CICADA by Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman Do you love our Mother, the Earth? Your strong connection with her can help you steward the creatures, plants, and minerals with whom we share life. Perhaps your efforts will bring safety and environmental change for wildlife. Find your song, and live your truth, no matter your [...]

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WALRUS Part 3 of 3

WALRUS Part 3 of 3 by Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman   The greatest threat to walruses and other marine animals of the Arctic are global warming, atmospheric ozone depletion, and shifting ocean currents – for how will they survive without Arctic waterways, islands, and massive ice floes and land masses to sustain their seasonal [...]

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WALRUS Part 2 of 3

WALRUS Part 2 of 3 by Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman How’s this for amazing: walruses can sleep and swim at the same time! Expandable throat pouches act like an inflated life preserver, forming a buoyant collar which allows them to sleep in an upright position. In summer, they live among large, floating islands of [...]

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WALRUS Part 1 of 3

WALRUS Part 1 of 3 by Cie Simurro ~ Thunderbird Starwoman   Maybe it’s the freezing Arctic winds and icy weather that make our tribe gather closely together to swim, hunt, mate, and rest. Adversity can make one appreciate the warmth and acceptance of family, both nuclear and extended. No one can survive for long [...]

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SEAHORSE Part 2 of 2

Instead of scales, skin stretches across ringed, connected, bony plates which cover a seahorse’s entire body, serving to camouflage this sea dweller, and break up its contours. Most species have eleven trunk rings. These also serve as armor, providing protection. The energy of a knight in shining armor is a distinct part of seahorse’s medicine. [...]

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Seahorse, Part 1

Have you dreamed of me? Perhaps I’ve come swimming into your life so that you may finally release from your subconscious, your deep yearning to make a breakthrough in your life. My energy can help you accomplish great strides as a worthy partner in love, or to deepen your relationship with your children, or to [...]

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Totems: ARMADILLO Part 2 of 2

CURRENT TOTEMS ARTICLE Totems: ARMADILLO Part 2 of 2 by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman There are 22 species of armadillo, but only the Nine-banded armadillo is native to the United States. The rest live in Central and South America. Where is one likely to find such an armadillo in the United States, you may ask? For a long [...]

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