Deer-est Hearts,

The message of this Summer Solstice is to UNITE. Can you feel the meaning of this word?

Unite means to join, to wed, to yoke or bond – to become as One.

What is it that would benefit from unification?

Ultimately, self-realization is the joining of our mind, body and spirit — one Force in total harmony with itself and all in its sphere — for the good of all.

When all aspects of ourselves are in alignment, we not only stand in our own Power, but also have access to the Power of All That Is. Our choices are right for us, and when they are based in Love, they benefit family, friends, and our communities. By extending freedom of choice to all others, we empower their choices as well. Indeed, from this state of Unity, we are raising the whole vibration of the Earth.

Let’s take this one step further. We live in an unimaginably vast and complex Cosmos. Even in that context, we affect the ALL because we are united in Oneness. To have an appreciation for the majesty and breadth of this, one has only to look at Hubble telescope photos.

I just saw an “amazing” movie called AMAZING SPACE. It premiered in Massachusetts in Shelburne Falls. My friend, Kristin Hoffman, ( who is an amazing singer, songwriter, musician and producer wrote the score for the movie. It is truly magnificent.

For 52 minutes, I was transported on an interstellar journey that my finite mind could not comprehend. Allowing my body, mind and spirit to experience unification and flow with what my deepest self knew to be “home” I was able to join with, and feel a part of this cosmos. Perhaps over the next few nights, you can go outside and bathe in the waxing crescent of the moon, and the starlight, knowing that beyond what can be seen are a gazillion more miracles of beauty, light, power, chaos and motion.

Let us make it our practice this summer to unite each day within ourselves in meditation or yoga (in Sanskrit, the word yoga means to join or unite). June 21st has been declared by the UN as Annual Yoga Day. This is supported by Amma, the Hugging Saint, who asks us to do 20 minutes of yoga on Sunday with simple asanas. (Go to for the dates of her summer tour.)

Let us make it our practice this summer to let ourselves feel a part of Nature, and act as a part of Nature — our choices making a better habitat for all.

Let us make it our practice this summer to unite with another each day, in a kind act; encouragement; a compliment; helpfulness. Let us give the gift of ourselves in service to our community, taking the example of the nourishment given each day by Grandfather Sun, giving life to our planet so freely.

Let the Totem for this season be the HUMMINGBIRD for its breathtaking beauty, its amazing stamina and the joy it inspires.

HAPPY SOLSTICE and Happy Father’s Day to all loving fathers, as we celebrate for male and female alike, the masculine qualities of strength, inspiration, heart-centered leadership and the energy to create.

And for all — may your choices this Season bring you the abundant fulfillment of your goals and dreams.  MAKE IT SO!  AUM-HO!