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1,2,3, the Winter Solstice is here. Rejoice in the Return of the Light.The numbers for the Solstice on the East Coast are all 1’s, 2’s, and 3.

12-21-13 at 12:11 p.m. Oneness, two halves making wholeness, and the trinity – two coming together to make a third from their Love. It is the season of the Child of Light. Can you let that child into your heart, renewing simple sweetness, purity of thought, guilelessness, and gentleness? I wish that for you this Solstice, Christmas and in the New Year. This season I wish you the peace that comes from loving Life with all you’ve got & knowing you are loved by, and cradled by Love and Life itself.

In Kinship,
Cie ~ Thunderbird Starwoman

“Oh my children, I have waited so long for your return.
Return to what?
The return to the recognition of who you are – who you are becoming;
The return to your true Self.
Do you remember how if feels to revel in un-self-conscious Self-Expression?
The return to feeling all your feelings without judging them.
The return to the Sovereign Self you were always meant to be.
Returning to being the one who decides – DECIDES – what will steer your course
What will become your graduate course.
I have waited so long for you to love me again;
To care for my body
To be brother and sister to my Creations
Those I have nurtured to be your companions on this Sojourn.
I have waited for you to be protectors of those who cannot speak for themselves;
Those who are being treated cruelly; experimented on; packed into inhumane conditions;
Whose purity and unconditional love are unrecognized and unappreciated.
Those who have done this have closed their eyes, ears, and hearts
To the plight of the innocents, because they fear for their survival.

It doesn’t look like it yet
It may appear that things have gotten more volatile and polarized; death throes.
More of you are making conscious choices every day; all day.
A shift has occurred. Hope has returned to the world.
If you will just DECIDE to TRUST in the power you have as creators,
Your life can shift now, even if you couldn’t do it before this.
Many, many of you are dropping victimhood and
deciding that you will live from your heart, from intuition, inspiration, compassion.
No matter who is with you or against you.
The ironic thing is that as you do this to the best of your ability, more of you aggregate,
Like iron filings to a magnet.
You then become a quorum,
and the scales tip further and further toward the
“world by choice” arena of things
instead of the default world ruled by fear.

 Care for my body as your own.
Care for your relatives – human, animal, plant and mineral.
Appreciate the Light of the Sun every morning.
Greet this Ancient One with an open heart.
All of creation needs and craves appreciation and recognition.
Your conscious mind is unaware of how much the Sun, the Moon, and the rest of the Solar System affects you and maintains you.

 Above all, let yourself be LOVED.
Open your crown chakra to receive the gifts
of your ineffable relationship with the Totality.

 Take up the mantle of Light you were born to,
And which is returning on this auspicious Solstice.
You see how deep darkness and brilliant light exist side by side.
That is how it has always been.
Do not be concerned; bring a point of Light into the darkness,
And the darkness will leaven.

 DECIDE which thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, actions,
and even memories you will give power to.
If you bump up against stubborn negativities, old trauma,
solidified thought forms, or resentments,
call upon your Higher Self to flood these with White Light,
Cobalt Blue infused Light, up and down & around and around
the central pranic tube, which encapsulates your spinal column.
It will oscillate like a barbershop pole.
The power of the Violet Flame is another choice to blast through your old stories and thought forms
If you feel kinship with another color, trust that and work with it.
All are gifts from me.

 Important things to remember are:
1.    Center yourself into a place of self-love and acceptance, then sweep Light through your Being.
2.    DECIDE what you want and take the first baby step toward bringing in that energy; something that carries its essence.
3.    Ask your Higher Self, favorite Guide, Totem or Illuminated Master to help you align with your desire or goal.
4.    Emphasize all day, what you have decided to have in your life.
5.    Begin fresh each day. Take joy in what you have already done, trusting that you will continue to grow and evolve in your desired direction.

 IF you had no limitations,
what would you want to do most of all to bring
your world into a state of Oneness with all Life.
What is closest to your heart?
If you are willing to formulate your highest purpose
you will be supported in it – before being 100% healthy
before being independently wealthy,
deliriously happy or in any way perfect.

 For the world changes and thrives as you do
It’s time to take up your Power for becoming your Totality.
It’s time for THE RETURN TO LOVE, and offering your gifts to the world.
It’s time for the RETURN OF THE LIGHT. 

May all be blessed, and feel my Love,
22 December 2013