Dear Ones, Recently, a good friend of mine had the courage to look back on his old, harsh boarding school days, and reclaim power lost then. Afterward, he gave himself all the compassion he hadn’t been able to, at the time. The last step was forgiveness of each thing and each one in the situation, including himself. We forgive so we can move on, and not be driven by old feelings from youth, that might cause present-time defensiveness and/or blockages to our good. Then grace can come in. I have recently done the same type of awareness process in opening wider to receive. Giving must be balanced with receiving nourishment for the body, mind and spirit. This can come from the usual suspects: relationships, a sense of order, having nice things, work that pays the bills and allows one to go on vacation or pay for a child’s education. Yet, are these things fulfilling? We can still be running on empty, if our choices diminish love and energy, rather than enhance them. Energy and nourishment can come from the very air around us – prana; from breath; open-ing to listen; opening to deep relationship within our bodies, and with the deepest desire of our spirits. When we get ourselves into alignment with Source energy, restore-ation can happen through resonance with all our life circumstances, people & events. Spring is the time for it. What would we like to do over? What is still tugging on us from the past? Making us act defensive? Identifying our losses, letting ourselves fully grieve, and then grow from the past by opening our hearts, allows us to DECIDE to be in the very space that nourishes us. I think every healing process has a moment when we just have to jump in and claim how we want our life to be, instead of waiting ‘till it becomes that way. Changing the energy, changes the manifestation. Perhaps the one who needs to bring grace into our lives is us. Giving it to ourselves first, before expecting it from others is a good practice. A TRANSMISSION FROM THE SPIRIT KEEPERS OF THE EAST Spring Dawn Butterfly Eagle Red Tail Yellow (red in some traditions) Children of Light: this is your new beginning. A chance to start over. Whatever came before is of no consequence now, unless you let it be. Bringing your intention and commitment with focus, acts like a magnifying glass on the current thing at hand, with the power of the returning, sun shining through to raise effectiveness exponentially. Children of the Sun: whether or not you were before, you can be conscious now; conscious of the effects of your presence on your Mother, the Earth; caring in your choice for all life on this planet and beyond; connected to Life Force in such a way that you are renewed by the power of that Life Force, as it is in you. Now. If you had a brush with the Angel of Death, would you see Life with the same eyes? Would veils drop away? Could you drop jaded-ness and cynicism – decide to renew now, because you can? The Hopi say we are the ones, we have been waiting for. Please drop your shields, and let your pure hearts function now for the benefit of all. Give to thyself all you have wished, would have been given to you. Then open to receive more. You are now able to give freely, from this treasured heart to others. Don’t be stingy because of fear and past trauma. Allow your clarity and illumination to shine forth upon your day, in the weeks and months of this season. Begin anew today, Beloved Beings of Love.