June 20th, 2021

11:31 p.m. EDT

Hello Deer Hearts,

First off — Happy Father’s Day to all you men who are fathers. May you be a magnificent example of a loving person to your children, so that they may model themselves after you.

How are you all feeling about Spring already diving into Summer? Our normal certainly keeps changing all the time. The wildlife, plants, and tree growth is also quite prolific — at least here on the East Coast. Let us send prayers for balance to the parts of the country experiencing drought and very high temperatures.

Today, I am sharing with you one of the guided poems in the series I’ve been writing since the beginning of December. I hope to have a chapbook of them available sometime this year. I feel this one is particularly appropriate, since summer, and this summer in particular is about starting fresh. May each of you and your loved ones enjoy a beautiful new beginning.

In kinship,

 Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman



Cie Simurro


One scoop of GENTLENESS

to stroke ourselves

as we let go of the old,

yet have no idea where we are going


One scoop of HUMOR

as we scan the mistakes and foibles

of the past,

knowing there will certainly be more


Two scoops of POSSIBILITY

No matter what has transpired before,

all things can be new and fresh

if we let them


A spoonful of SWEETNESS

makes the days and nights

more palatable

with something to look forward to


A dollop of ENERGY

gives that boost

that makes us want to create

and to manifest results


A ladle of BEAUTY

to inspire

and refresh the body

and soul


Topped off with

a sprinkling of HAPPINESS

that makes us look forward

to the adventures ahead


©   Cie Simurro  2021