Have a beautiful Solstice, Deer Hearts, welcoming in the increasing Light. For my Solstice message, I would like to share a poem I wrote after I was awakened at 4:00 in the morning, by the phrase, BE LOVE!

Cie Simurro

Be Love. Be a pillar

When you’re worried about what will happen next
what you will do to make money
how to feed yourself and your family
or where you will live,
Focus on Love instead of fear

When others judge you
instead of supporting you,
or asking what happened,
and how they can help,
Be that Love for yourself

When you see someone
overwhelmed and hurting
or in need of something
that you can give
Be the Love that provides Abundance

When you wonder if the world
will ever
stop warring and hating
Be Love —
emanating it to the world

For it is only Love that can change things
People have to experience Love
to want it in their lives
and to apply it
in their dealings with others

When you see an animal, bird, or insect hurting

Do something
to relieve their distress
You will know then, that
they are truly your relations
… as well as all other humans
whether they live like you
believe like you
speak like you,
or act like you

If you’re being Love
you’ll find a way
to embrace them
as your brothers and sisters
for Love can change everything

When your heart grieves
for thousands of families
who have lost those they love
to a virus that never had to be,
Shower love and comfort toward them.

For Energy is real and underlies all life
And when your heart breaks
for the way we treat the Earth, our Mother
and the garbage strewn everywhere,
Get busy.

Be Love in action
cleaning up your home,
your town,
your county
Every bit helps and encourages more

BE LOVE, and someday
the world will grok that we really are

©  2 December 2020

For those too young to have read, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, grok means to so thoroughly understand something that you are no longer outside it, but are a part of it.

In kinship,

 Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman