December 21st at 11:19 p.m.

by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman


The Creator within me claims and accepts the free will gift that has been given to me, and to all, to co-create my life in ways that benefit me and all whose lives I touch. Therefore, I claim and accept vibrant, sparkling health, and the healing of my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. I claim and accept Self-Love as the first means of enabling all good things for myself and others. I claim and foster my deepest purpose in this life, in service to myself, to others, and the Earth.

I claim, accept, and appreciate the everyday blessings in my life. This day, I look around me for all the good that is in and around my life and times, and to count my blessings, that they may increase exponentially through the Law of Attraction. Today, I choose Joy for myself, and to share with others. I choose to be kind and helpful to all with whom I come into contact, inspiring smiles and laughter through acts of kindness. Today, I choose to increase Joy on my beloved planet, especially for the children, with all that I do.

The Creator within me claims and accepts Abundance in my life now and in the future. I have sufficient income for all my needs. Today, I expect good news about income and other forms of abundance, a portion of which I will tithe to others, and the causes that I care about.

I forgive myself and my past for any choices I may have made which did not support me or my family. I now greet each day, full of hope, appreciation, and opportunities for self-realization.

I recognize, accept, and give thanks for the other creations in the human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms with whom I share this beautiful, Sacred Earth. I recognize and support their right to be. I hereby claim and accept rightful actions toward our bountiful Mother Earth and all the kingdoms, giving praise to the Grand Designer of our perfectly working creation, when unhindered by human interference. I choose to act with Compassion and Love toward all beings, and I claim and accept healing for the Earth now. I choose to do no harm today.

I claim and accept a Forcefield of Love, Light, and Transformation around all that is fearful, around suffering, belief in scarcity, and all violent oppression of other humans and all species. I see these things being replaced with Divine Universal Love and Compassion for all beings and for the Earth. I choose to be a conduit for Love and Healing.

I claim and accept the knowledge that Life is eternal, so that fear of death ends. I claim and accept that we are made of Love and are truly, deeply loved. I claim and accept help from the Universe to manifest all these things I have affirmed, in collaboration with my Creator, who has given me, and each of us, this Power to Create. It is our Gift and our Birthright. Today, I choose to use it for good.

Aho. So be it. Amen. It is so.

Final note: I honor and thank the avatar, Babaji who transmitted the phrase, “Claim and Accept” through the author of a book that I have worked with and loved for 40 years called Unified by Roger Lanphear. This Solstice, my gift to you is an affirmation of the power we have to create good things that we desire in our lives, to appreciate what we have now in our lives, and to affirm these good things for others as well. I have expanded it from a much shorter affirmation for abundance that I created many years ago. When it recently re-appeared, I realized it was still valid, and could be expanded for the times we live in. May it be useful to you. If you feel kinship with this message and wish to share it with others, I ask only that you share it in its entirety, including sources. Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas.

In kinship,

by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman