by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman


So there I was, searching my heart and spirit for the message for the Summer Solstice…. Sometimes, the beginning of it comes to me while I am in Nature, walking with my dog, Ebbie. At first, it always feels like there’s absolutely nothing I can say that will help you through these times. Then a stone will call to me; I pick it up and walk with it, and the beginning of the message comes. This day, a message came for me first, then for all of us:

Oh my dear, how you are longing to share something with the people to give them strength and hope through all the tribulation that individuals and the world are going through. On your walk, we told you to look in your old files for something you taught that would be valuable in this time frame, but what you didn’t ‘get’ right away was that those old files were your life files! Yes, we are grinning, because we in the non-physical world also employ humor. We enjoy it for ourselves, and as a way to communicate with your species. It also alleviates the heart that is feeling sad, alone, or depressed. So, spend the next few days going down the avenues of your memories, until what to share makes itself known to you.”

“Meanwhile, a message from us to all – Stir up the embers in the fire pit that is the depth of your being. Your fire is not out. Sparks remain and when they are stirred, they will resume their fiery red-orange heat. There is a fierce side to love that causes all fear and depression to fall away. That love is not angry – it is full of vitality. It comes from accepting in this moment that who you are right now is enough. Whatever you have not yet learned is not essential for your happiness now. And what you haven’t yet achieved – well, as U2 and Bono sing – What you don’t have – you don’t need it now.” (Can you believe they quoted a U2 song??? That’s cause they use everything I know too, collaboratively).

“Behind frustration and sadness, there is total Awareness and Light. So, my friends on this never-ending journey, let this self-acceptance in the moment, re-light your heart and soulfire in order that you may be courageous in expressing your passion for life; that you may offer compassion to all who struggle; that you may serve and be served; that you may express yourself without hesitation; that you may drop into the essence of any given moment to experience your Oneness with all Life and with Nature. May contentment in the moment be yours.”

Speaking of fiery red stones, after receiving this message, I checked my email, and there was a wonderful message from Smadar at SongOfStones.com. She transmitted a message from three Carnelian stones, so I was guided to hold and meditate with my own beautiful carnelian sphere. I got so much information, so fast, but I was listening for a specific message from my life files. All day I worked with beautiful white crystallized stones in my yard making borders around plants. I did healing work with etheric weavers, which are made with double-terminated crystals. Numerous times, I passed by my favorite crystal, which has 9 pyramids within. But still I waited. Why am I writing about the Stone People? Because they are the backbone of Mother Earth. The recorders of history. They have survived everything! Changed form often, but survived nonetheless. It wasn’t until I asked the carnelian to please give me the memory or the story that would help you get through these turbulent times, that I finally realized that the Stone People ARE the message! (I couldn’t see the forest for the trees!)

Immediately, a powerful image came up of the stone you see above. This stone from the Catskill Mountains in upstate NY is an heirloom in my family. It was passed down from my mother to me, and I will pass it down to my daughter and grandson. It is the emblem or signifier of everything good about my childhood. I grew up in a neighborhood in Brooklyn that later became known as Cobble Hill. Every summer, we would get out of the city by either going to my grandmother’s bungalow in NJ, a farm in upstate NY, or to a family resort in the Catskills. My four cousins on my father’s side always went too. Our mothers stayed with us the whole time, and our fathers came up for the weekends after work. It was Paradise in the Catskills, exploring walks in the woods, stone-filled brooks, and lying in the sun, insects buzzing and flying, as we discovered small wildlife. It was the beginning of my love affair with Nature. The Catskills form the northeastern end of the Allegheny Plateau, which was once flat, then subsequently uplifted and eroded by watercourses. My stone has shells and fossils embedded within.

Everywhere I’ve gone in the world, stones have come back with me – Fiji, St. John, Greece, a peridot from Lanzarote in the Canary Islands (vestige of Atlantis), Egyptian limestone with fossils, Austrian crystals, petrified wood turned to stone from the Painted Desert … but not Hawaii. Islanders say it’s bad ju-ju to remove any volcanic rock – Pele gets mad! Someone must have taken some rocks, because Pele sure has been active on Big Island. Prayers to that land.

Stone People were my first metaphysical teachers. Everything got ramped up after I discovered how to create Medicine Wheels from stones, but the small stone by the roadside, gemstones, and crystals are just as potent forms of healing, wisdom and strength. I elaborate much more with tons of info about the qualities, uses, and Medicine of each type of stone in my book, Totems For Stewards of the Earth, which you can get on my website – CieSimurro.com

If you are experiencing loneliness or upheaval in your life, keep a favorite stone with you. It will ground you. Each kind of stone has specific properties. If you are in Nature, and a particular stone calls to you, ask first if it wants to come home with you. If it does, leave a gift of either a strand of your hair, or saliva, respectfully given. Both have your DNA. It’s time to open up your circle of friends and allies to include the Stone People. Appreciate them for their beauty, their purpose and their gifts. Treat them in a sacred way and they will give back to you a hundredfold.

The Summer Solstice is Thursday, June 21st, at 6:07 A.M. EDT.

In kinship,

Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman